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Posted 9 September 2023

Continental Gator Hardshell Road Bike Tyre - 700x28c or 700x25c

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Just dropped in price.

£19.99 each plus £3.49 postage, however... Free postage if you spend over £20 so if you're buying 1 then just add this and will be £20.48 Inc delivery:


These are excellent tyres, good weight, great puncture protection and last ages. Remember no tyre can do everything, if you're planning on going round corners fast in the rain then look at different tyres. Otherwise highly recommended! I love them.


Tyre Type: Clincher
Bead Tyre: Separate folding and wire bead options
Casing: 3/180 Threads per inch (TPI)
Tubeless Compatible: No
Puncture Resistant: Yes, DuraSkin protection, PolyX Breaker
Modelled on Continental's famous Gatorskin race bike tyre
More reinforcement for the modern commutes
Chain Reaction Cycles More details at
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  1. NeverBagHolding's avatar
    Solid tyres despite bad reviews below. My experience has been good, good grip, seem fast and never slipped and I’ve cycled in rain countless times.

    When it’s raining I don’t bomb it like I do when it’s sunny and dry though…… I wouldn’t do that in a car why would I do that whilst cycling

    I have had 2 punctures but I’ve been unlucky and they were nails/thin screws unluckily. They came off pretty easily using my tyre levers, took me around 10-15 mins to replace the tube and pump it and put the tyre back on. (edited)
  2. peter_carruthers's avatar
    Good luck not crashing with these 🙈
    This.Is.Dog's avatar
    I don't understand how poorly a rider would have to cycle with these to come off. I have gone everywhere is all conditions and never had any issues.
  3. R_C's avatar
    So hard to know what to do with these as get mixed reviews. Can anyone suggest a better option at this price point ? I currently used roadsports on my specialized diverge but they are worn now. Don't commute, only weekend rider, fair weather and not racing so surely these an ok option ? (edited)
    Whiteside's avatar
    Hello. My advice would be just enjoy your ride. Despite the hype and advertising most bike tyres will be fine unless you are a pro level rider. I bought conti gp5000 tyres that were a bit dearer than these and they seem good but never had any issues with my cheap Lugano tyres before them. Our roads are quite good so no issues and I assume yours are the same. You seem like me as a fair weather cyclist and would have no need for these sort of tyres to prevent punctures.

    Cycling is a business and very lucrative as lots of fatish well off cyclists riding pro level bikes and equipment for no particular reason. It’s all nonsense. Fella at a local club has a belly that weighs far more that his bike that he keeps harping on about the light weight of it.
  4. MikeyReeves-Williams's avatar
    Good luck getting these off on a cold winter night with freezing hands, almost thrown my bike in the river and walked home and left the puncture (edited)
    Dire_hero's avatar
    In my experience all Continental tires are hard to remove (or press in), they must manufacture with tight tolerances. Compared to Vittoria or Pirelli
  5. sysenblaze's avatar
    A hard ride, but they don’t puncture from experience.
  6. johnny_russell's avatar
    Punctured on my first ride
    Whiteside's avatar
    Such is life. I know the feeling. If a thorn wants you it will get you.
  7. face-crab's avatar
    This is about what they're worth to be fair, definitely shouldn't be £50.

    More puncture resistant than some but certainly nowhere near marathon plus.
    Roll faster than marathon plus.
    Slippy on flat surfaces in the rain. Came off once or twice on shiny slab type pavement cornering at speed.
    Just use marathon plus now and haven't had to change tube once. Bliss, if a little slow and numb.
  8. AdrienBrody's avatar
    Got some hoping for a faster tyre in dry over my puncture proof marathon plus
    Superman_turbo_pro_3000's avatar
    They will be much much faster. Marathon Plus are the equivalent of Lead in comparison.
  9. AWard911's avatar
    So the tyres arrived yesterday and I fitted them this morning to my hybrid commuter bike.

    Have to say that they were an absolute breeze to fit....didn't even need tyre levers to get them seated over the rim....unlike their predecessors (continental marathon plus) that were an absolute pain to fit and definitely required tyre levers to fit.

    Took it for a spin this morning and they roll nice....definitely much faster than what was on before. For the price I'm very pleased .

    I ride Schwalbe Pro One tubeless on my road bike which are superb and tubeless is absolutely brilliant for comfort and puncture prevention....but the price difference of those tyres reflects that.

    Thanks for posting the deal OP....I'm really pleased I purchased them and they're a vast improvement on what I had on the bike before.
  10. MarkyA's avatar
    These are great for puncture resistance but I found them lethal in the wet.
  11. humperlumper's avatar
    Had these for years and only had one puncture, especially at this price would recommend any day.
  12. trickytree1984's avatar
    Heavy. Slow. No wet grip. Impossible to get off if you have. Puncture. (edited)
    Superman_turbo_pro_3000's avatar
    How are Gatorskin at all Heavy!? They're one of the lightest everyday tyres.

    I agree that the Wired versions add unnecessary weight, but normal Folding gatorskins are light as frick!

    Are you thinking of something else by any chance?!! (edited)
  13. mattd555's avatar
    sounds like everyone here needs to switch to tubeless
's avatar