Continental Grand Prix Tyre £16.49 @ Ribble

Continental Grand Prix Tyre £16.49 @ Ribble

Found 18th Jun 2017Edited by:"lightrider"
50% off RRP use code FATHER-10 for an extra 10% off the price inc 2.99 p+p

Good price for a lightweight road tyre.

Available sizes 700 x 23 (237g) 700 x 25 (242g) only 700 x 25 at this price.

Featuring BlackChili compound for better rolling resistance and increased friction.

Polly X breaker puncture resistant layer.

Excellent tyres better than the gatorskins i used before.
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Cheers Clashin,i have changed the description,got an email from Ribble with the 10% discount for today and ordered a tyre,
posted the deal in haste and copied it from a previous deal forgot to edit the 'folding' bit.
A good price even for a rigid, i'll use it as a front tyre as i usually get rear punctures , main disadvantage of rigid tyres is they take longer to mount on the rim and the weigh a little more.
I'd suggest that most people interested in this deal would be looking to buy a pair of tyres. If you do buy a pair you qualify for free delivery and with the code it works out at £27.00 delivered.
Another good deal that has been voted cold for no reason..
Anybody voting cold care to explain their reasoning? These are excellent tyres. The only drawback I can see is that they are rigid and this could be a showstopper for many. Is that it?
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