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Continental  Inner Tubes  - Starting at £2.95 at Halfords (Free Click & Collect)

Continental Inner Tubes - Starting at £2.95 at Halfords (Free Click & Collect)

£2.95£426%Halfords Deals
Posted 6th Oct
Good price and quality inner tubes.
Continental MTB Light Inner Tube Extra Info
  • Butyl rubber mountain bike inner tube
  • Seamless construction
  • Auto Schrader Valve
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Are they good? Thinking of getting spare inner tube and tyres
Best tubes I've found. Good offer
Been this sort of price at Halfords for a year or more but still a great deal especially with the ride to work 20% if you have it. At this price I don't bother fixing punctures anymore.

Had issues with Continental ones from Amazon but never Halfords. If looking for posts valved ones, Halfords don't say which length they are but you can see in the little picture in your basket which a particular selection is by the colour bar
RedAnnette07/10/2019 02:28

Are they good? Thinking of getting spare inner tube and tyres

I bought them at this price a couple of months ago. If you are using Presta, beware that the top bit unscrews from the threaded core bit very easily (when removing the pump). Apparently, the removable cores are a trait of higher-end tubes?

I've not been overly impressed with these tubes. Very disappointed with my 29er Continental tyres – wasn’t until my few couple of punctures that I discovered that they were made in China rather than Germany (Continental has a budget line of China made tyres.

I would check the box – if these are made in China I wouldn’t bother. You’d probably be better off with Halfords’ own, imo.
Most of the tyre brands are buying their inner tubes from factories in the far east, and their basic line are probably no better than the value brands and generic shop brands. I think Kenda and CST make different grades of inner tubes which are re-badged by a huge number of mainstream tyre brands. I bought a few Continental tubes on amazon warehouse that were around 50p or so as spares, the reviews were mixed and I took the gamble. I'm guessing perhaps someone bought a few inner tubes and had an early puncture and sent the other tubes back in disgust. I've had great success with the poundland inner tubes in the old packaging but not tried the newer one's in the mainly white box packaging, they look lighter and smaller slightly and with the pound buying less nowadays I wonder if they are sourced from a cheaper factory. I tend not to go for the short life lightweight tubes anyway and stay away from tubes that express performance gains and low weight in their blurb and keep to the heavier everyday tubes.
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