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Buy 2 or more continental tyres and get a FREE overnight stay for 2
Price is per tyre, ably beat guess from my local area, shop around Quote "Free hotel break when you buy two or more Continental tyres from a participating retailer* Put your tyres to the test on Bri… Read more
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To qualify for this deal do you have to purchase at an actual garage or do online delivered tyres qualify?


Waiter, the croissants are a bit rubbery.

​Waiter was Chinese , he repry "Fank yoo vewwy much .."

"Northern Ireland’s spellbinding Dark Hedges"

Are they suggesting you'll be seeing a lot of hedges if you fit their Tyres?


So how come this only reached 71° when I posted it 2 months ago?

Do you get a prize with more heat


Has anyone tried the Contact Sport 5s? Any good?

Had them on my car for about 18mths and done about 15k, about 3mm left handle really well, but I think I'll go back to Bridgestone after these, for wear purposes mainly.

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Free 1-night hotel stay with 2 Continental car tyres
Buy 2 Continental car tyres before the end of September, and get a voucher for 1 night's stay in one of 200 hotels belonging to The Hotel Collection, Travel lodge, Malmaison, Hotel du Vin, Select Hote… Read more
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Ugh can't imagine anything worse than a night with two tyres all that rubber would tread it, three maybe.

I bought 4 tyres and got 2 hotel codes last week..
Two FREE Folding Continental Grand Sport Race Bicycle Tyres and tubes worth £71.88!
Continental are giving away two free folding Continental Grand Sport Race tyres and tubes in exchange for your old tyres and tubes. Continentals blurb tell you to take your road bike to a participatin… Read more
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Where on that link does it list the retailers?

Dont think it does, just have to ring around

there is NO list of dealers.... ((((

Where on that link does it list the retailers?

Vittorias will treat you well in the summer months on smooth European roads.
Contis will be harder wearing on British roads all year round. Hope that helps!

I have ride on continental tyres on my road bike & winter bike with out any problems. I rode Lands End to Jon oGroats 1,220 miles without any puctures the compound is very good and responsive on wet roads & excellent on dry roads