Control (Joy Division / Ian Curtis) DVD £2.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV
Control (Joy Division / Ian Curtis) DVD £2.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV

Control (Joy Division / Ian Curtis) DVD £2.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco @ HMV

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Awesome price, at long last for this Anton Corbijn film about Mr Curtis, the legend he is, and would have been.

Based on the memoir TOUCHING FROM A DISTANCE by Deborah Curtis, Anton Corbijn's CONTROL is as near perfect a filmic telling of the story of Joy Division and Ian Curtis as any fan could hope for. It's also a beautifully rendered piece of cinema about the crippling effects of love and regret, and the salvation we seek in art. Born out of England's post-Sex Pistols punk explosion, Joy Division played a dark, minimalist version of the nascent sound, and became cult heroes thanks in part to their brilliant yet disturbed frontman Ian Curtis (played by an eerily perfect Sam Riley). Corbijn does a wonderful job recreating the Manchester band's music and live show, cutting straight to the essence of Joy Division's unique appeal. Credit must also be given to the three actors who portray the rest of Joy Division. Playing all the instruments themselves, they perfectly capture the band's powerfully stoic presence, one that translates both live and on record into the sonic equivalent of an existential crisis.
CONTROL, however, is ultimately about Curtis' tumultuous marriage to his wife, Deborah (Samantha Morton), and the way that Joy Division became an aesthetic manifestation of his pain--one that was both physical (Curtis was an epileptic) and emotional. Corbijn evokes Curtis' hurt and isolation with both honesty and subtlety; a photographer originally, he frames each shot to look like a stark black-and-white photo from an album the audience was never meant to see, making Curtis' pain palpable and his eventual suicide that much more tragic. The overtones to the later suicide of Kurt Cobain are hard to avoid, but where Cobain's suicide has always been discussed in terms of the pressure he felt as a rock star, Curtis', as rendered by Corbijn, is a pain anyone could potentially be forced to suffer through.

Commentary From Director Anton Corbijn
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Joy Division's Atmosphere '88 Music Video - Directed By Anton Corbijn)
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Fantastic film, have read the book as well and it follows it quite closely.
Sam Riley portrayes Ian Curtis very well, and of course the fantastic songs

Brill price - cheeps op!

Great Film, Great music, great price:thumbsup:

Excellent film and an absolute steal at £2.99.

When i heard the film was shot entirely in black and white i was disappointed, but it really works. If you haven't seen this film and have an interest in music - go see.

Thought the film was brilliant having watched it not really knowing the story of Joy Division and Ian Curtis execellent price will be picking one up in town if hey have they in store at this price :thumbsup:

Fantastic film and fantastic band, such a shame.

what a film, Sam Riley and the band did justice for the songs, amazing how they got to play and sing everything, or at least most. themselves. Interesting exploration in to lives of Joy Division and the mind of Ian Curtis. If I didn't have this film already I would buy it Good deal. Heat!

Thought it was a bit far fetched myself

Superb performance by Sam Riley ... hard not to believe you were watching the real Mr Curtis in the performances.

However got to say the film doesn't really leave you with a very positive impression of the man ... immature & incredibly self-centred. A tortured soul no doubt but pretty much all self-inflicted. Still he was young & stupid and with all the additional pressures of fame to cope with. And not forgetting that the film is based on the memoirs of his maltreated wife so it is obviously a little jaundiced in its portrayal of the man.

Awsome film, great price.

Joy Division fans may also be interested in last years excellent [IMHO] documentary on the band by Jon savage also in the sale on sale at HMV for £3.99. See here for details:


Great film. Ashame about Ian Curtis. So talented.

Fantastic film - bargain price so hot from me. That 3.99 deal posted by 33rpm also hot!

tempted by this!

I wonder why, hes the greatest dancer.
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