converse type trainers/ asda own brand £3

converse type trainers/ asda own brand £3


£3? Not my cup of tea but may be of use to someone, heat added

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Thanks for adding the link. Its only my second thread, I'm trying to be hotter than my friend who considers himself the bargin king!

lol, love the title....killed you to have to write Asda own brand didn't it! haha! Heat added for being brave enough to post rubbish like this and try to grab attention by calling them Converse type trainers!

These sneaks are bang on for the price!

Plus you can trash a pair while jumping to Kissy Sellout at Stylus for 5 hours and then go buy another the next day! cheaper than buying wash powder, paying for water/electricity etc

The white lace ups actually look half decent, like it has already been said, you canny go wrong for the price!!

These trainers,are tops!! My son as brought converse,and I got my trainers Asda in Bideford for £6,and they still are going strong,and they are a top look a like!So and get a pair!

Can't find the item described, unless you meant plimsolls?
Waste of time.
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