Convert laptop DVD drive to SSD - EiioX SATA 2nd 2.5'' Hard Drive Caddy - £8.95 + £3.99 P&P (free on £10 orders or prime) £12.94

Convert laptop DVD drive to SSD - EiioX SATA 2nd 2.5'' Hard Drive Caddy - £8.95 + £3.99 P&P (free on £10 orders or prime) £12.94

Found 24th Mar 2015
Upgrade your laptop with an SSD without losing your hard drive space.

Most laptops only have room for one hard drive or SSD. You can have a 1TB hard drive full of media, but if you want to upgrade to a much faster SSD, you'll lose all that storage space.

This allows you to retrofit an extra hard drive / SSD slot into your laptop, at the expense of the DVD drive you probably rarely use.

Should you need to use a DVD drive in future you can get a USB DVD writer for under a tenner. Personally I'd find that much easier than carrying a USB hard drive around with all my stuff on.

-- The linked product is £8.95 delivered with Prime and has plenty of good reviews. A couple alternatives at lower prices in the first comment.
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Cheaper at £6.99 - Amazon Prime, slightly longer wait for delivery and no reviews.

Available from Hong Kong / China on eBay for £4. 2-4 week wait for delivery.
Worth mentioning that the port on your dVd slot will often be slower than the primary one that your hard drive is connected to, so put the ssd on that one if that is the case.
Is this the slower, more budget one from Crucial? They're a good vendor, but I recall some issues around the cheaper one.
This should be freezing cold to absolute temperature .... - 273 Deg
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this is just an adapter it don't have anything to do with speed, there is no electronic in it its just a case with right plug
... and its expensive normal price should be around 4 quid
R these easy to install/fit, any1 got a dummies guide on how to link please? Ta
You Tube is your friend but it depends what make of laptop you have.
This is the same from another seller but more than £2.50 cheaper, or am I am missing something?
Btw, can one combine 2 orders from different sellers to qualify for free shipping on order more than £10?…25A
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