Cook Italian Tomato Puree 140G 37p @ Tesco

Cook Italian Tomato Puree 140G 37p @ Tesco

Found 29th Sep 2016Made hot 29th Sep 2016
Italian Tomato Purée Double Concentrated 28% - 30%

Italian Tomato Purée, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid)


good find op, heat added

I picked this up the other day, until I spotted Tesco's own range of tomato puree (tube) 200g for 40p, so figured that was more of a bargain. Not a like-for-like product but I would imagine difficult to tell the difference when you whack a load in a spag bol.

Have some of this in from last time it was on offer; re this vs Tesco own; is this significantly better? I say this because the Tesco one despite being 3p more has a significant amount more in (think 60g extra; 200g v 140g).

Good to know. my Tesco have run out of their own brand, so will grab this tomorrow.
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