Cookbook full of burger recipes for Kindle - £2.30 on Amazon

Cookbook full of burger recipes for Kindle - £2.30 on Amazon

Posted 22nd May
Burgers truly are amazing. They can be both salty, sour, sweet and can bring out the best flavor of any meat. There is no wondering to why burgers are very popular.

In this book, I give you a few ideas on different takes on a burger and try to push the boundaries of what a burger can be. In these recipes you will a find a variety of meats ranging from brisket to lobster, and of course we have an option for our vegetarian friends.

I am not a chef by any means, but I am very passionate about cooking. I have been grilling with my old man since I was a little boy and I am happy to have carried out this tradition with my children. And as you can imagine, burgers are a staple at our household when it comes to weekend grilling.

Here is the different recipes:

The Nutty Protein
The Millionaire
The Zesty Asian
The Double Bison
The Frenchy
The Mexi-Turkey
The Mexican
The Italian
The Mini Mario
The Japanese Buffalo
The Proud Chest
The Swiss
The Sugar Daddy
The Greek
The Basil Needs
The Veggie
The Smoker
The Dude
The Lean One
The Surfer
This is some of my favorite recipes to cook at home, in the kitchen or on the grill.
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so is the kindle the burger or the bread?
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