Cooke & lewis CLDW451W-C Dishwasher @ B&Q now £50 instore

Cooke & lewis CLDW451W-C Dishwasher @ B&Q now £50 instore

Found 22nd Aug 2015
Dishwasher at B&Q yeading on clearance only £50!


What model?

useless post.

do you have a pic?

and how many were left?

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4 left

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Cooke & lewis CLDW451W-C

where about a in store is it

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Yeading B&Q

is it with the other dishwashers or separately placed

You need to update the post dude otherwise u are going to freeze!

thanks for your abswers

Any comments off anybody saying they managed to buy 1?

finally a deal in my local. will be checking it out later. thanks op

all gone now thanks for the info

I got one

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All gone

Thanks got one in my store!

I got one of these in the Watford store they had 5 left

is it economical to run?

Are they in all B&Q for £50? Because close to mine it's shows that few left

Says 150 online
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