Cookies 2 for £1.50 @ Asda

Cookies 2 for £1.50 @ Asda

Found 29th Mar 2011
Looks like all bags of bakery cookies in ASDA are in the 2 for £1.50 deal.

Some bags are £1.08 on their own, so seems like a good deal.

Includes (off the top of my head): Rolo, Smarties, ASDA own, GU, Yorkie, Toblerone, Nestle


Loving the madness of cold voters (again! - grrrr!!!!)

Maybe this message on the Asda Groceries website isn't helping:
"Please try again later.
Currently we are experiencing a slowness on the website due to heavy traffic on the server.

If you still have problems, please give our friendly Grocery Helpline a ring on 0844 873 3333 – we’ll be happy to help. Or click on ‘Contact Us’ at the foot of the page and send us an email."

How useful is that????
I'm trying to update an order for tomorrow, which I've got until 10pm to do.
What bunch of muppets do they have doing their website that it's so busy on a Tuesday evening. I mean, it's not as if there's a huge sale on just now, is there?

Probably because they have been 2 for £1.50 since Nam!


Loving the madness of cold voters (again! - grrrr!!!!)

My local Asda hasn't had this offer for months

Hot, but I must resist

Bradford and Pudsey stores been 2 for £1.50 for about a year now although they are both Walmart stores!


My local Asda hasn't had this offer for months

My local has had this offer on for as long as I can remember, but still a hot deal

What makes it even HOTTER is if you manage to find a bag that they've mistakenly put 6 cookies into instead of the usual 5
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