Cooking Oil Spray Poundland er a £1

Cooking Oil Spray Poundland er a £1

Found 8th Jan 2011
New year, new you. Fry light is nearer the £2 mark. Bargain.…ay/
- janz70
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Would say good deal as Fry Light is pretty pricey but I saw the same oil in Home Bargains for 89p the other day.
A drop of oil in a pan, wipe it around with some kitchen paper. It's cheaper
''A drop of oil in a pan, wipe it around with some kitchen paper. It's cheaper''

Fry light is the healthy option though. 1 cal per spray.
I use it for grill/oven/fry ups. Cheapest cooking oil has gone up in Sainsburys from £1.05 to £1.65 so these smaller spray bottles are not that much more expensive. Once they run out, I fill the spray bottles up with olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, rose water, body/hair oils etc.
i've been using this stuff for years now, hardly ever use oil.
its 1 cal per spray because its mostly water, horrid stuff
This one from Poundland says on it: "No Water ... %100 oil ...Rapeseed oil." Also you can put whatever oil you want in the spray and use the content for deep frying.
I love FryLight! Says on their website a can of 250ml does the same jobs (sfrying and roasting) as 7 litres of oil. Not only does it save calories, it saves money too! They sent me some marketing bumph and an advert states "using 4-6 sprays of FryLight to make an omelette, compared to 2 tablespoons of oil, you save 240 calories which is equivalent to 30 mins jogging." If it's true, count me in slim jim
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