Cooks Professional Ice Slushy Maker £24.98 Delivered @ Groupon

Cooks Professional Ice Slushy Maker £24.98 Delivered @ Groupon

Found 19th Jul 2017
Groupon currently have the Cooks Professional Ice Slushy Maker for £22.99. They have sold out of the syrups bundle but you can easily use concentrated squash or purchase the syrups separately.
Delivery is £1.99

The Specifics
Suitable for frozen cocktails or adding ice to any beverage
Add fruit juice, alcohol or syrup for the desired result
Two types of ice: coarse or fine
Small, light and compact
Power output: 80W
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Thought i'd look up on Amazon to see if they had the bundle, they don't sell either
Im confused are these any good like slush puppies
It looks to be an ice crusher. Slush puppies are partially frozen whilst being stirred, they have a finer texture. It will be somewhat similar.

A blender capable of smashing up ice cubes is probably a better bet though, more versatile and similarly priced.

P.s. Makro sell strawberry daiquiri syrup - bit of vodka, lemonade, lime juice and syrup blended with ice comes out great. Could probably give it a shot with a very good strawberry jam if you can't access makro.
warning these are rubbish had one sent it back !
Buy a nutri ninja and some slush syrup does the job just as well. You have to use ice and salt in these machines anyway.
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I've never used one of these but unless you've got a massive kitchen to fill with appliances, I'd just use a blender which as user DonnyBrago said, is more versatile.
Perfect timing, my Mr Frosty just given up the ghost after 36 years of faithful service!
Just got this and it is rubbish. Just crushed ice but u need to keep wiggling it around to actually work! Waste of money!
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