Cooks Professional NutriBlend 1200W Blender @ GROUPON - £54.98

Cooks Professional NutriBlend 1200W Blender @ GROUPON - £54.98

Found 25th Jul 2017
The Specifics
•Power: 1200W
•Multiple speeds
•Compression-resistant jar
•Pulse switch
•Paddle switches
•Double safety protection
•Shock-absorbing ABS base
•Can dice, chop, blend, heat and more
•Great for making smoothies, sauces, dressing and frozen desserts
•Capable of blending and heating soup in 5 to 8 minutes
•2L capacity plastic jug
•Available colours: black, red
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Looks cheap but the reviews are pretty woeful. You get what you pay for!

Looks cheap but the reviews are pretty woeful. You get what you pay for!

does do what the vitamix (rrp around £600) does. I got the TOWER version (exactly the same) and it is powerful and simple to use. Never failed yet in the last 2 years
Value is £400 according to Groupon ..........really !!
I'm afraid the reviews have put me off, but probably the best price at £55
ouch, I give it a miss, would of got it it was good as the vitamix, I guess it adds vitamins to the drink :D:

1.0 out of 5 stars
do not waste
ByCatherine R.on 10 June 2017

Colour: Red
Verified Purchase
As other people have found, leaks a very brown liquid at the base and it seeps into the drinks.
Cannot find manufacturer on Internet to contact.
No spare parts available
Utter rubbish, do not waste money…ent
Edited by: "cf15" 25th Jul 2017
The brown liquid is whats produced as the bearings fail. Its bearing grease. 99 times out of a 100 it's the bearings ring that fail on blenders. This affects everything else - the rubber driver etc... and often you may think its the motor failing (although it could smoke with the effort of using broken bearings) or driver but its not. You could feel the rotation of the blender by twisting it from under - it should be smooth and glide around. Vitamix blenders have a dual high quality bearing ring around the blades which can easily stand the stresses of a high load at 30,000 RPM so they last decades. The cheaper blenders have junk bearings around them. A sure fire way to make most blender's fail is to run it at top speed (i.e. 30,000 RPM+) on a heavy load from a cold start frequently. Here is an article on someone taking the cheaper blenders - the Vitamix clones - taking out the junk bearing rings, buying highly engineered dual bearing rings which will last decades online for £6-10 and fitting them to get similar reliability to a vitamix.…ly/
Edited by: "trampjuice" 27th Jul 2017
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