Cookshop Professional Blender £10 @ Ideal world

Cookshop Professional Blender £10 @ Ideal world

Found 11th Jan 2016
For those who missed out on the CookShop Professional Blender yesterday, it's back in stock @idealworld. Use code 526921 to get it for £10.

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you forgot to add the £5 postage
thanks for heads up
Mine from yesterday are on the way to me
Missed it first it this...happy days
When I try to place an order I get this:

Your request has been blocked.

If you feel you have been blocked in error, please contact Customer Support at for assistance.

*clicking the above email link will automatically add some important details to the email for us to investigate the problem. If the link does not work, please copy and paste all of the information below into an email

Thank you.

Is there a way past this?
Just checked for some reason says £20. Still good price if it can make hot soup and smoothies!
Is this glass??
Got mine today bargain for a tenner thanks OP
Now out of stock Can anybody tell me what size the jug is, eg 1 litre, 1.5 litre, etc? Thanks
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