Cookworks Breadmaker - just £19.99 at Argos

Cookworks Breadmaker - just £19.99 at Argos

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Mmmmm freshly baked bread, yum!

* 12 programmes.
* 3 crust settings.
* 90 mins fast bake time.
* Bread sizes 1lb, 1.5lb and 2lb.
* Suitable for making jam and cakes.
* Add ingredients signal.
* Viewing window.
* Cool touch.
* Non-slip feet.



nice one - got one reserved in Fort William

I just got one and am baking pizza dough in it at the minute. brilliant price for something I use a fair bit!:3

Not as hot as the £13.99 Carlton one the other day. Bought one of those and it's awesome (plus it had a brushed steel exterior).

Doesn't appear to be available anywhere near me

Stores nearish Bedford with very low stock.....

1 at Letchworth
1 at Hitchin
1 at Harpenden
1 at Stevenage Argos Extra
3 at at St. Albans Spencer Street Argos Extra

All too far for me to bother with. Shame as I would have got one if there was one nearer.

Can we make a 'NAAN' in this?

Got one of these last December and am still using it. It is a good, basic breadmaking machine and does most of the things the more expensive models can do. You will be surprised how easy it is to make good quality, yummy bread. You can either purchase bags of pre-mixed bread mixes. These already contain the yeast etc. You just add water, set the machine and three hours later, out pops a loaf. Best known brand is Wright's flour mixes.

Alternatively, better and cheaper is to use a recipe i.e. add bread flour, dried yeast, butter, salt etc separately. The only problem you will have with either method is that you can't stop eating it! If you are vaguely interested in baking your own bread, then this machine is a good place to start.


Rarely use mine but a decent little item and very easy to clean.

Just bought one and first batch coming out!
What a bargain. Thanks for the post
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