Cookworks Espresso Maker £11.98 @ Argos
Cookworks Espresso Maker £11.98 @ Argos

Cookworks Espresso Maker £11.98 @ Argos

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Product detail:
3 to 5 bar pressure.
800 watts.
4 cup capacity.
0.24 litre capacity.
Stainless steel filter.
Milk frother.
Non slip feet.


If you want to make reasonable espresso at a bargain price then you would be better with a stove-top (e.g ]http//ww…tml). Then get a milk frother if you like coffee with bubbles!

This machine, although cheap, won't make an espresso coffee as you need approx 9bar pressure at the group head - otherwise you will end up with nasty bitter stuff with no lovely crema. The best budget machine that I have seen is the De'Longhi Treviso - cheapest at Coop £41.99 delivered. ]http//ww…4-B

Whatever you go with, remember that you can make good coffee with a cheap machine and good beans but you can never make good coffee with an expensive machine and bad beans. Buy good stuff and grind it yourself - Happy Monkey are a great supplier at a good price.

:thinking: 3-5 bar pressure on an espresso maker LOL

OK for the money but true caffeine addicts may be a little disappointed. The coffee on my machine always turned out lukewarm and the 3 to 5 bar pressure was a bit ineffective. The machine is sat at the back of a cupboard now.

This thing will not make anything like half decent espresso. Avoid.

Its not great, but if you pack-down the coffee in the holder, it helps build up a reasonable amount of pressure.

One of these machines has served me (fairly!) well for 4 years.

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=4]Produces a very poor imitation of espresso. The glass container is easily broken and they are expensive to replace.[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=4]I had one of this type for a long while, knowing no better, but eventually suffered a serious scald necessitating A&E treatment after the outlet to the steam jet blocked and I opened the main lid to refill it, believeing it to be totally empty. It was barely mildy warm, not hot. [/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=4]I bought a pumped Delonghi machine which is in another league, and have even gone back to it after getting a more expensive model as a gift![/SIZE][/FONT]

Yup. 3-5 bar pressure isn't going to give you anything worth drinking. If you don't want to pay the earth for a machine get a Delonghi Treviso. You can pick them up on eBay for about 20 quid and they make perfectly good cappuccino.

yeah , you need about 15 bar pressure..................get a Gaggia :-D

No matter how cheap this is, you're wasting your money. Cold.
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