Cookworks Juice Extractor £ 7.49
Cookworks Juice Extractor £ 7.49

Cookworks Juice Extractor £ 7.49

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Was browsing the sale items and spotted this one............

· Removable pulp container. · Stainless steel cutter. · Safety interlocking latch. · Invertible food hopper.· Cord storage. · Beaker included.Please note this is a clearance line and stocks are strictly limited.


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Thanks a lot. :-D I couldn't get it to let me copy the pic. So tell me how please, doh.....:wink:

Thanks for the post M223

Hover your mouse pointer over the image you want to use. Right click on it and choose from the menu: [copy image location in Firefox], or choose properties in Internet Explorerand highlight, copy the image URL [usually ends in jpg or bmp or gif]. Then paste it into the Image URL field for the deal.

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Cheers Rayman, but when I right click on the image, it tells me about copyright violation:( and doesn't give me a menu:confused: not my day.......... However, I will keep a note of that info for future use, many thanks.:grin:


Great find M223, thanks! I'm gonna try and get one of these, I have a smoothie maker but i prefer the consistency of juice rather than a smoothie.

I find with Argos they sometimes let you enlarge an image if you can do this you can then right click the image without getting the copyright violation message!

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Oh great!!!! Somebody likes my find :-D I'm a happy bunny now:lol:

And you're a star, millarcat, I tried that and got 4220752A64UC186390X.jpg does that look about right?

Hope you can get one. I'd be after one if I didn't have one I paid much more than that for a few years ago.


After a lot of searching i have just reserved one M223 .... i bet i'm an even happier bunny than you are! Thanks again :-D

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:thumbsup: great stuff!!!!!!! :-D

Guys to get screen shots of the argos pics - click on "enlarge image" - it then lets you right click it and copy the image URL. That's what I do anyway!!!

Edit - ooops. I didn't realise cat had posted this above :roll: Sorry!

Yeah Argos sometimes make all images virtually unable to grab the URL, but as has been mentioned, some work from the enlarged image. If not, just do a Google Image search for the product and use another.

Just noticed you've passed the 1000 posts mark M223 You're now Solar Flare status

Good going M223 ! Well done!


where in stock? cant find anywhere.

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Woo hooo! :-D Solar Flare!:-D :thumbsup: Cheers Rayman & Emma :wink:

vithya, I think it;s a case of searching all the stores you can get to, hopefully one of them will have one for you. Sometimes I've been lucky, sometimes not... Fingers crossed for you.


Wohooo Solar Flare M223, bet it seemed like you were a matchstick forever lol!

Congratulations on your 1000+ posts :-D

I always find with these sort of electrical kitchen gadgets that they stay out on your work surface for a week and then get relegated to the back of the cupboard until your next car boot sale lol.
Even so good price and a great find.:thumbsup:
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