Cookworks Microwave EG820CPT HALF PRICE @ Argos

Cookworks Microwave EG820CPT HALF PRICE @ Argos

Found 17th Apr 2010

* Microwave power output 800 watts.

* 5 microwave power settings.


* Grill power output 1000 watts.

* 1 grill power setting.


* Auto weight defrost.

* Defrost option.

General information:

* Silver stainless steel exterior finish.

* Painted interior finish.

* Interior capacity 20 litres.

* Child safety lock.

* 24.5cm diameter rotating turntable.

* Accessories included: grill rack.

* Size H25.8, W43.3, D33cm.

* Weight 11.5kg.


I believe I own this microwave and it was this price a good few months ago.

Beware the buttons wear very easily as there a thin plasticy coating like a touch pad.

Especially the ''GO'' button. (or whatever it is)

Its also small inside and a dinner plate is the biggest you can go (again, this may e normal, but my old microwave was larger)

Fed up of Argos and Tesco with there almost permanent "half Price" offers. i'ts obviously not half price if it's at that price for months on end. 'Double Price' would be a better for the rare occasions when the item is at the normal price. :x

Not a great price.
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