Cookworks Signature Black Touch Control Microwave. £37.49 @ Argos

Cookworks Signature Black Touch Control Microwave. £37.49 @ Argos

Found 6th Jan 2010
A very nice looking microwave with some good reviews, a bargain at half price.
Plenty of stock too
* Microwave power output 800 watts.

* Heating category E.

* Interior capacity 20 litres.

* Touch control.

* Black exterior.

* Painted steel interior lining.

* 24.5cm diameter rotating turntable.

* Maximum dish height 16cm.

* 5 microwave settings.

* 1 defrost setting.

* Auto cook.

* Auto weight defrost/cook settings.

* Child safety lock.

* 24 hour clock.

* 99 minute timer.
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anyone know what the brand cookworks is like?
is this any good? need a new microwave
they are the cheaper end of the market i have a rice maker which performs flawlessly, these are always on offer at argos...
Our microwave died on Christmas evening. Still not got a new one, I am tempted by this but Cookworks is like Murphy, Bush, Goodmans etc so I'm a bit put off.

Tesco have one of their own brand things on offer from £34 odd down to £24 odd plus we have a £5 voucher so may get one of those.
I've had a Cookworks Microwave for a few years and had no problem with it ( I hope this helps )
have this and its very good

little on the small side but perfect for me
(plenty of stock) not in central scotland there isnt.:-(
I bought two of these cookworks before as i was attracted by the price but in both cases the glass plate broke/smashed to bits while heating up some food !!
I did still like it thought as it was simple like what i am but in the end we bought a microwave from a better manufacturer.
Just bought one, looks great in our black and white kitchen, and does the job like every other microwave.

Cheers OP heat & rep given
Our Asda Onn microwave just packed up, went to get one of these and only one left in stock in weymouth :-D
We have got a cookworks microwave at work. Its fantastic. Cant fault it. Blue LED screen. brilliant microwave. So much so that I bought another one for my new apartment :-)!
The price of ours was like £28 but it wasnt a touch sensitive one. However it was black.

Was after a microwave and just reserved the last one in my local shop!

Thanks OP!
An excellent price for a microwave considering 20 years ago you'd be paying over £200 for just a basic model.. heat added..
I have this budget microwave it does the job its only small and its worth no more than £40 dont expect a microwave that will last you years this aint one
sold out in great manchester very good price
The only annoying thing with Cookworks microwaves:
you want to heat up something for let's say 2 min, you need to press 5 (!) buttons to do that
Had this for a month, very pleased with it, the 800w power output is a bonus! :thumbsup:
I got this for xmas. Its good, was same price then. Although its small - smaller than my old microwave but I have a small kitchen and thats good for me
Just picked one up, just the job for me, nice and small but with some power.
I have bought this for the same price two months back. No issues with it. Heat added.
I bought one of these before xmas. It's small, but that's what I wanted. Had no probs with it tho I did spend an extra £7.99 on 3 year repalcement product cover just in case!
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