Cookworks Signature Espresso Maker £29.99

Cookworks Signature Espresso Maker £29.99

Found 13th Oct 2010
As description. Reduced from £79.99

Accommodates full size and espresso size cups.
Coffee options: Espresso and cappuccino.
2 cup capacity.
1050 watts.
15 bar pump pressure

I've reserved one for collection tonight. I've always wanted one, but they always seem so expensive. Can't grumble for this price and it has good reviews.


Oooh was looking for a coffee machine, good price, ta!

ditto, thank you!

reserved, will see how it works tonight

hahahahahahhaha srp £79.99


reserved, will see how it works tonight

excellent for espresso, 1 Min to warm the pipes, then near instant espresso, thick smooth crema.
I use illy.
i havent yet managed to master the froth milk required for a cappuccino, but i think its because of the milk. but i have made latte that was nice non of the skin you would get if you just popped it in the microwave. and made a steamed milk hot chocolate which is gonna be good as the weather gets cold

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Thanks for the feedback. I picked mine up yesterday, and must say i'm a little disappointed, it may be i haven't mastered it yet, or I'm just expecting it to come out like a Costa!!!

What coffee did you use?
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