Cookworks Signature Espresso Maker £33.29 @ Argos

Cookworks Signature Espresso Maker £33.29 @ Argos

Found 4th Nov 2010
I reserved today. Any good?

•Coffee options: espresso and cappuccino.
•2 cup capacity.
•1050 watts.
•15 bar pump pressure.
•Water capacity 1 litre.
•Transparent tank.
•Water level gauge.
•Strength selector.
•Milk frother.
•Stainless steel filter.
•Drip tray.
•Cord storage.
•Non-slip feet.


Looks like a cheap copy of the Retro looking Illy machine to me!…8-1

Looks like a Espresso machine to me

sorry that cookworks stuff dont last 5 mins

I bought one 2 weeks ago from Argos. I reserved for store pick up......but when I went to pay they only charged me £29.99 instead of £39.99. Don't know what it's like as I have bought it for a christmas present.

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Will try it and let you know (_;) Hopefully it will be more cheaper.

This is a better spec than the previous cookworks coffee machine, we have their breadmaker and very happy with it, have ordered the espresso - thanks!

I bought one in the January Sale - its been excellent. For the money it is well made -seems sturdy and I hope it will last a while yet.

i got one of these last year for Christmas and they are pretty good. only small problem is they use a pressure portafilter system to create a "good looking" crema. this is all good for pre ground coffee which sits on shop shelves but for people who grind their own beans its a bad point as the pressurized portafilter destroys all the "true" crema from the the extraction and makes the coffee taste stale.

for a starter espresso system they are great but just remember that they are tend to be best used with pre ground espresso coffee. oh and one othere thing make sure the steam nozzle is well cleaned and take a pin on needle and clear out the hole. if you dont (like i didnt) you will end up blowing the boiler and making a big puddle on you counter top.

We purchased this earlier in the year. Overall a very poor frother unit attached to the side producing very bad cappuccino's. The coffee element is fine. But you can pick up a much cheaper option or even a cafetiere for a few £'s which would make coffee just as well. The build quality isn't very good either as mine is falling apart.

Since then purchased a Tassimo, difference in coffee quality between this & the cookworks ... scrap the cookworks get the tassimo!

Can't find the receipt to return/replace the cookworks unit with argos so now stuck with it!

as above really, once you've had freshly ground you'll never go back to instant. however this machine is probably value for money but limited in its specs compared to you regular more expensive models.

had one last christmas - no probs works really well

I sent an old one back which was much more expensive than this, and replaced it with this. I'm very happy with it. The frother isn't fantastic, but it does give an excellent creme, which you don't really get with cafetiered coffee.

i dont wanna be one of those spreading negativity... but seriously dont buy it. i was a fool didnt listen to people want this exact same thing on offer couple months ago... and it didnt last for literally... 1 day.....! and the steamer doesnt produce steam anymore.....

honest advice... dont buy it!

Please don't waste your time with this. I swapped this 3 times. Twice the steamer went and one time the pump for the water went.
In fairness to Argos they had no problem in swapping it. After the 4th machine broke I just asked for my money back and they gave it.

As other reviewers said makes good coffee, but the pump went on mine after about 4 months of occasional weekend use.

Best bet would be to invest a bit more for a quality product.

it's a go from me, I've got one from about a year ago for similar money and I use it every other day for great coffee. For this money is certainly worth it. I do not really use the frother as I find it messy and I find it much easier to use an old hand-held one. And I don't bother grounding my own coffee either, but with the Lavazza I buy for it, the resulting espresso/cappuccino keeps me (and guests) very happy! If mine were to break tomorrow I would buy it again.

I'm with oxyg4n, we had one, used it once a day at the weekend, after 4-5 months it started developing problems, the pump was temperamental, the frother seldom worked and the water leaked, got refund and bought a Brita kettle, much better purchase!!

Sorry but I am Italian and because of that I am very fussy when talking about coffee.
I wouldn't trust Cookworks to make a decent coffee machine but for a fiver more I will choose the DeLonghi instead…334
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