Cookworks Signature Stainless Steel Microwave with Grill @ Argos £34.99

Cookworks Signature Stainless Steel Microwave with Grill @ Argos £34.99

Found 31st Mar 2010
was £89.99

Model number P80D20EL-DB.

Microwave power output 800 watts.

Grill power output 1000 watts.

Heating category E.

Interior capacity 20 litres.

Easitronic control.

Stainless steel painted exterior.

Painted interior.

Rotating turntable.

Microwave oven and grill can be used simultaneously.

5 microwave power settings.

1 grill power setting.

Microwave and grill combined 3 power settings.

1 defrost setting.

9 auto cook settings.

1 auto weight defrost/cook setting.

60 minute timer.

Child safety lock.

12/24 hour clock.

1 grill rack.

Size (H)26.2, (W)39, (D)45.2cm.

Weight 12.7kg.
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This is great many thanks
have reserved one thanks xx
Biggest pile of rubbish ever, barely worth £35. This microwave has been out for yonks, bought this 'deal' about a year ago, its supposed to be 800 watts which is fairly high, yet it took yonks to heat anything up, typically double the time of the old hitachi 700w it replaced. Took it back after a month
this one seems to go up and down in price all the time

I purchased this but when i opened it i found the build quality really poor, there also arent any rubber pads at the bottom so when you open the door when its empty the whole thing slides forward.

Personally would not recommend
i have bought cookworks beore and it broke down after 13 months DOH!
I have this. Agree with the comments about general build quality, and the variability of the price. It's also too small for a large dinner plate. Not too good overall and would avoid - they have a De Longi full stainless steel one for not much more when it's on offer. That's *much* better.
I have a Cookworks microwave, similar to this but not as fancy, no grill, and has a button thing to open the door...

I think the build quality on its great, and has never given me a prob Might just be this shizzy specific model :P
dam, in the market for a microwave, but want something to last at least 5 years. one ive currently got is peeling off in the inside!

people didnt seem impressed last time either...…eel
Good deal but i bought a cookworks one last year in a sale and it's the worst microwave i've ever owned, sometimes undercooks stuff n sometimes over cooks it!
quite alot of heat for something thats obviously rubbish. sorry but this ones cold for me
I bought one of these about 3 months ago when it was last half price. I have been happy with it so far. It looks more expensive than it is, it's big enough for all my plates, seems easy enough to operate.

It would be worth spending an extra £15 to get an extra £5 voucher.

Cooking time seems to match suggestions on microwave meal boxes, unless you use the combi grill function. This doubles the cooking time, but I imagine this is the same with all grill microwaves because grilling is not very efficient, but makes the cooked meal look a bit nicer though.
Beware of microwaves with painted interiors. They try to trick you with "Stainless Steel", but that's only the exterior. The interior will be peeling and rusting soon.
I also bought this the last time it was on offer, the picture on the argos website where i got it from didnt match the microwave i was sold for a start. I found the controls to be more complicated than they needed to be and the inside was on the small side for large plates, and rather annoying is uncle bens microwave rice, the microwave isnt high enough inside for it to stand up in! Better off buying something else for around the same price or £10 more with a bigger capacity.
Reserved one. But after seeing these comments not interested to buy.:?

Reserved one. But after seeing these comments not interested to buy.:?

Lol me too;-)

shefboy:Reserved one. But after seeing these comments not … shefboy:Reserved one. But after seeing these comments not interested to buy.

lovesit :Lol me too

and me !
Well i going to take a chance for £35 seen much worse for same money in tesco and that last one i got from there only just lasted over 12 months

If this was at £50 then i pro pass but £35 worth a shot
I have been and collected mine,not took it out of the box yet.

As Bashy said worth trying for £35.00 even the value ones in Tesco or Asda are just short of £30.00
Got the last one at Halesowen, Bargain looks good to.

4 years without a microwave, but can't resist a bargain.
Just got myself a nice silver panasonic from currys for 50 notes

in grey

19litres and 800w - fully digital and decent build

def worth investing a lil more for a lot more better micorwave

oh it has no grill but then again i dont need it
had 1 of these paid £45 a few weeks back, rubbish microwave took double the time to cook stuff, so took back to argos and got money back and got morphy richards 1 thats on offer at the moment, much to my delight when i got home they had given me the upgraded 1 by mistake with convection oven and grill built in and rrp for £100..but this cookworths gets a big no
oh i also got a £5 voucher aswell
Such negativity... I picked one up last time it was £30 or so; other than the annoying habit it has of moving when you yank the door, I've not had any trouble. Granted you probably need to get a better one if you're using it every meal every day for a family of 4, but for little old me it's been great.
Bought mine,thanks.Seems fine to me,does what its says on the tin. Doesnt matter if it doesnt last 50 years for £35 who can grumble! Would add heat,but i dont know how too!!! Im a newbie on here!
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