Cookworks Signature Stainless Steel Microwave with Grill (less than 1/2 price) £38.99 @ Argos

Cookworks Signature Stainless Steel Microwave with Grill (less than 1/2 price) £38.99 @ Argos

Found 3rd Nov 2010Made hot 4th Nov 2010
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Was £89.99
* Microwave power output 800 watts.
* 5 microwave power settings.
* 3 microwave and grill power settings.
* Grill power output 1000 watts.
* 1 grill power setting.


* 9 auto cook settings.
* Auto weight defrost/cook with 1 setting.
* Defrost option.

General information:

* Easi-Tronic control.
* Silver stainless steel exterior finish.
* Painted interior finish.
* Interior capacity 20 litres.
* Child safety lock.
* Accessories included: grill rack.
* Size H26.2, W39, D45.2cm.
* Weight 12.7kg.


Bought one of these when they were on offer ages ago. It's okay and does the job but there are a couple of annoyances...there aren't any rubber feet on the bottom so it slides forward when you open it and the internal height isn't that good, cooking a pouch of rice for instance entails having to fold the top down and keep watch in case it snags on the top and falls over!

I agree about it sliding about when you open the door,But saying that, it is worth the money Nice looking. To be honest i have,nt used the grill, I just use it now and again to cook bacon, easy and no mess Bought this when it was on offer last time as well

Good Price - I bought it for my parents last week when it was £39.99, so another pound cheaper now.
Had to buy a roll of that grip mat too as it says above, its very slidey lol

We bought one a couple of weeks ago when it was £39.99 and took it back. It looks OK but has a light build quality and the grill rack is very flimsy. We needed something more durable as we use the grill frequently. It's not very big either.

It's probably worth this price for light users but there are plenty of other low-priced microwaves (though not necessarily with grills) out there.
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