Cookworks Signature Whole Fruit Juicer  £15.67 @ Argos

Cookworks Signature Whole Fruit Juicer £15.67 @ Argos

Found 11th Dec 2008
Was £39.99 Now £15.67.

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Fruit suppliers should be paying us to take these things. The amount of fruit you have to go through to get a decent drink in the morning is astronomical. Once you've used a juicer for a few weeks and counted up what that fruit's cost you, you stick it in the back of the cupboard and say you'll stick with cartons. Yes, the initial idea seems great but the ongoing costs are huge. If the UK had a plentifull supply of cheap fruit for all then I'd say go for it but we don't so think about it first.
Here endeth the sermon for today......

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Bought 2 of these about 3 days ago and totally fabby [/COLOR]

bought these last year tenner each from argos, very fiddly, now in a dark corner of my kitchen

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i just bought one for my sister as she a health freak, really into all that stuff, me im lazy i just buy 100% fruit juice from asda. each to ther own!
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