COOL-ER 6in eBook Reader PINK £79.99 Argos Ebay Outlet
COOL-ER 6in eBook Reader PINK £79.99 Argos Ebay Outlet

COOL-ER 6in eBook Reader PINK £79.99 Argos Ebay Outlet

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Brand New with 12 month Argos warranty.
COOL-ER is a light, small electronic book reader designed in iPod colours with E-ink screen technology that mimics paper.
6in diagonal screen size.
Stores over 1,000 eBooks (expandable to over 4,000 with optional SD card up to 4GB).
One charge lasts for over 8,000 page-turns, for an average reader up to 3 weeks.
Read even in direct sunlight.
Up to 8 different adjustable text sizes.
coolerbooks.com is the largest online e-bookstore, including Google eBooks, with more than 1,800,000 titles - eBooks for instant download.
Windows PC and Mac compatible.
MP3 audio player.
Supports formats: PDF, EPUB, FB2, RTF, TXT, HTML, PRC (non DRM), JPG.
Comes with headphone jack adaptor, USB Cable.
Size (H) 18.4, (W) 11.8, (D) 0.99cm.
Weight 178g.


good price for an e-reader with proper e-ink

Anyone actually use one of these things? I am very tempted by the Kindle, which is only £30 quid more - is it worth it? Need some help deciding!

Some reviews HERE

Main problem I find with e-book readers no back light, in bed you still need the light on.
Also the price of new e-books in most cases more expensive than a paperback.

Classic out of copyright books can be downloaded for free from gutenberg.org
in the end went back to my pda to read

Thanks - you make some interesting points, especially about the backlight. I thought NOT having a backlight would be great, as that would induce less of an strain on the eyes.

I guess, if you read a lot in bed, then any ebook reader will be inappropriate.

By that logic, paperbacks are inappropriate for reading in bed. How did we cope for all those decades?

Not having a backlight is great because it does reduce strain on the eyes and it increases battery life dramatically. If you want to read in bed you just need a torch, a reading light or a cover with a light built-in.

I can't believe lothburn would go back to a PDA! Horrid for reading.

Anyway, this or a Kindle? I haven't used this. I have an Elonex 511EB. One of the guys I live with has the latest Kindle. The Kindle is very good indeed. The contrast is better and it turns pages and loads quicker. The user interface is well designed.

This COOL-ER reader is quite old now (almost 2 years?), so I imagine it won't compare well to the Kindle in terms of performance. The button layout on this thing doesn't look good and it has lots of dead space around the screen which adds unnecessary bulk.

The main drawback of the Kindle is that it doesn't support DRM epub books (non-DRM epubs can at least be converted). So you can't buy books from anywhere except Amazon and you can't borrow library books. There are plenty of free, old books available from other (legal) sources.

In terms of hardware, I would say the Kindle is definitely worth the extra £30. The main issue is the lack of epub.

Good price but terrible reviews. Do a Google shopping search and it has a cache of old user reviews which are horrific. Better to spend money on something decent.

Don't forget that the Kindle also has built in wireless and a great book store. There are also Kindle reading apps for most devices, in case you don't have your Kindle with you. These allow to to continue reading from where you left off.

I think with the Kindle it's the whole reading experience that makes it very good. It's so easy to get books rather than with a lot of readers that, for one, don't have any form of wireless so you have to have a PC handy to get anything on them. Then you have to hunt all over the place to find the books you want.

Actually that is a very good point. Buying books on a Kindle is a completely seamless experience. With other schemes you can run into issues getting the DRM files working properly. Also buying directly from the device streamlines the entire process.

Just bear in mind the cost of this convenience: you are locked into a single book store; no shopping around.
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