COOL-ER Violet eReader eBook BRAND NEW £49.00 @ Ebay (thepcfactoryshop)

COOL-ER Violet eReader eBook BRAND NEW £49.00 @ Ebay (thepcfactoryshop)

Found 10th Jun 2011
COOL-ER Electronic Book Reader - Violet

Free Case worth £19 included for limited period

Brand New

12 Month Warranty

Storage for up to 800 books (expandable using SD Card)

8000 Page Battery Life

6" e-Ink Screen

MP3 Playback - listen while you read.

Whether you take a book on the train, to the beach or you just like to spend an evening besides the fire with a good piece of literature, the fantastic new COOL-ER reader is the perfect new gadget for your lifestyle.


This is a good price for an e-ink device, but the manufacterer went bust last year so don't expect much in the way of support

Thought it was an etch-a-sketch!

Any info on battery life?
Also same price on Amazon so nothing special about price.

Cheap and cheerful i suppose, with the emphasis on cheap.

Reading some reviews, it does function perfectly well as an ebook reader but dont expect a Kindle or Sony experience as the user interface is a bit clunky. A review at states "The problem comes from the interface—it feels very much like a Chinese knockoff. The giant iPod design, with the D-Pad scrollwheel acting as both a menu selector and a page turner, isn't the best way to read a book. Meaning, you can only turn pages with either your right or left hand (if it's in landscape mode), making reading slightly more awkward. The onscreen UI is also indicative of it being made by a smaller company; it works, but you have to conform to the interface rather than the other way around." The full review is HERE.

Would i buy it? I'm a big fan of e-ink technology readers and this is the cheapest price around for a 6"model by some distance. If i didn't have a reader already, i probably would. Have some heat.

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the deal from Amazon dosen't give you a free case despite the seller is the same (Elonex) plus you get few pennies with Quidco, very good as cheap second eredaer to take on trips

only 6" screen though, bit small.... seen better spec ones go for less


only 6" screen though, bit small.... seen better spec ones go for less

Just saying that is of absolutely no value unless you give some examples. If you do, then folk who may be thinking of buying one of these, will be more able to make an informed decision.

This bit would worry me........

Of course, you may be worrying about the battery life. After all, you don't want to be finding out if Harry Potter manages to defeat Lord Voldemort only for the screen to cut out because the battery has died. Let us appease your worries; the internal battery lasts for around three hours and around 8000 page turns.

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review here…der

The COOL-ER's internal battery "charges" in around three hours and lasts for 8000 page

Wow! Excellent, particularly as it can take eBooks one might have obtained via torrents (hint, hint).

I've just bought one as a pressie!

Many thanks!

Really pleased with this one The reviews were very mixed, and I thought I'd just take a chance - it was well worth it! It doesn't have all the features of the Kindle, but for the price it does what it needs to do very well

Ruby red one is no longer available but they do have some violet ones - it doeslook yuk in the pciture but it looks alot better in this youtube vid
There seems to be many reports of these freezing but for £49 and with a free case worth £19 I think its a cheap way to try out an ereader....

I think elonex 621eb is the same as this and there is more information on the Elonex site. I've pu my money where mouth is ordered one.....

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