Cool packs @ tesco Brighouse  5p!!

Cool packs @ tesco Brighouse 5p!!

Found 11th Jan 2014
Just been to my local tesco in Brighouse these were at 5p bargain!!

Found in:
Salford Extra
Heath Hayes
- darkh0rse


I've voted this hot...but really it's more cold! lol x

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Haha that's funny x

Doh I paid 25p for these yesterday in Brighouse.

Should be national.
Found in Dereham extra this AM.

Found some today in Chelmsford Miami store

I got 4 in Dunstable this morning!

These were 25p yesterday in Parkhead, Glasgow so may be reduced further there today also. Very few left on the shelf though.

Doh I paid 50p for these just after Xmas

Same price in Broughton today !

These were 25p in St Helens the other day

does this tesco stock clearance happen every year?

I paid 25p for these yesterday too at Brighouse :0(

got a couple of em in the Leigh store yesterday. got them along with a 3 in 1 cooler bag

my local tesco is ****. . never any real offers!

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This is my first post happy with the heat


I got 9 lots last night 5p each in Heath Hayes

There were lots at the Netherfield HomePlus store (Notts) yesterday

I got 20p's worth from Brighouse also yesterday. :-)

Got some in Salford Extra

5p at Park Road Liverpool.

Any in Manchester? Preferably central or south/east?
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