Cool Runnings DVD (Movie) ONLY £3 @ Blockbuster (In Store)

Cool Runnings DVD (Movie) ONLY £3 @ Blockbuster (In Store)

Found 4th Jan 2009
Also £3 in Tesco

Four Jamaican athletes decide to enter the Winter Olympics as their country's first bobsled team. Based on a true story.

Great comedy, great price they had loads in stock at my local Blockbuster.

Link is for rental.


£3 in tesco too

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£3 in tesco too

thanks edited deal details

from imdb: Contrary to the story in movie, the Jamaican team was met with open arms by the international Bobsledding teams. One of the other teams even when so far as to lend the Jamaican team their back-up sled so they could qualify.

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Yeah I'm not too sure about the historical accuracy of this Disney movie! But entertaining nonetheless.

Haven't watched this for years - great movie!

Can anyone think of anything in the film that I may not want my kids to see?

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No, it's fun for all the family (PG), can't think of anything inappropriate ...there is one little scuffle between the Jamaican and Swiss teams in the bar scene (bottle breaking over a head if I remember correctly) but it's done in a comical rather than serious way.
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