Posted 29 December 2022

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360 SUB-ZERO CPU Liquid Cooler - 360mm £86.14 @ Amazon

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Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360 SUB-ZERO CPU Liquid Cooler - TEC AIO Water Cooling System with Intel® Cryo Cooling Technology (LGA 1200) Water Block, Enhanced Pump, 360mm Radiator with SF120R Fans
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    Good price for a very specialised niche cooler which is only compatible with LGA 1200.

    For anyone else, an Arctic Liquid Freezer will be much better for regular use.

    Review for reference if you're trying to figure out what this is:
    tomshardware.com/reviews/cooler-master-ml360-sub-zero-review (edited)
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    Only draws up to 200watts of power for itself, perfect in the current economic climate!
    Think your reading how much heat in watts it can handle, not it's power draw
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    If only this could be adapted for LGA1700. Heat added anyway,
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    If you are looking for a 360 AIO for around £120 for compatible boards, there is no reason not to go for this one! (edited)
    But how can be adapted to AM4 or ryzen
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    Is it really only for 11(aka useless) gen? What about 12 and 13 gen?
    Evo version for latest gen 1700 coming out soon at over £500 if I am not wrong. Similar but with rgb and improved software plus hot and cold detection for the condensation. (edited)