Coolermaster Silent Pro M 500 (modular) PSU £52.86 @Scan
Coolermaster Silent Pro M 500 (modular) PSU £52.86 @Scan

Coolermaster Silent Pro M 500 (modular) PSU £52.86 @Scan

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a good brand power supply good enough for most systems/graphics cards. and modular too.

£65 @ ebuyer

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What was wrong with my reply? Did you not like me suggesting an alternative product?

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i cant see your reply for some reason. thought it was odd when it said there was one comment but nothing was showing. still some bugs on the new website i see.

what is the alternative?

Be Quiet 600W Modular
Be Quiet website
These get great reviews, I had posted this ages ago, and got some really good feedback from people who bought one.
£7 more than the one you posted. The reviews were mostly good for the one you posted though, but the Be Quiet range are supposed to be top end. Google some reviews

The coolermaster you posted does look decent, and most of the reviews are good. Great for a mediacentre PC as it's verry quiet.

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i've had a quick look for reviews of the be quiet one but cant seem to find any.

got a link ?

johnny guru review of the 600w coolermaster psu here

ebuyer user reviews for the be quiet seem good but i've heard they cut all the bad ones so not sure how reliable that is.

Look for reviews of the be quiet E7 Range. (I can't check most atm, damn work firewall!)

For a mediacentre PC the Nexus Value 430w would be my choice of PSU. This coolermaster though is a good price.

hot, usually these are much more expensive (be quiet one is even better value for a decent gaming rig imho)

Good PSU's. We use a lot of the 600w's at work. I love their modular cables.

With the be quiet one is the CPU power cable a 4+4 or 8 pin?

Just wondering because with my next build I have planned the power connecter is jan 8 pin, but like to have the choice to get a new motherboard without forking out for a new PSU also in the future.... or is it an 8 pin where you can still just use 4 pins?
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nice deal for a modular power supply. i looked at this a few weeks ago but there was no way i was buying it at ~£55 then when the corsair tx650 was £59! still a good deal for now though!

take it the corsair tx650 isn't available for £59 anywhere now though? if so let me know! Sadly I don't think 500W is quite enough for me....


i have the 600w of this psu, as you can see from the pic, and its pretty awesome. Quiet, powers my GTX 460 fine and even on gaming it dosn't get any louder. The way the cables are set it is good, you can hide them behind things because the cables are so thin.
So good PSU.

Looks expired now. Scan is listing it at £61.09 incl. VAT on Today's Deals (unless there was an error in the pricing earlier).
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