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CoPilot Premium UK & Ireland satnav app iPhone/ Android
Found 23rd Dec 2015Found 23rd Dec 2015
Copilot UK and Ireland only £8.99 until 4th of January 2016, usually £19.99 Also W. Europe at £17.99 and Europe £19.99
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@kye1987 Have you tried sygic from the app store? seems pretty good, you can also use GPS Bridge from the app store to locate your destination via google maps satellite.


I deliver around rural Wales, any idea if this would do the job? I need it to not rely on phone signal for a start. And include single track "roads". Using nav mii at the moment which seems OK I the towns but doesn't recognise the smaller lanes which many of my customers live up.


No Google is better with now with offline maps


I don't know about Android as I haven't used it in so long but on iOS you can view all in-app purchases.


See there are hidden costs involved which they do not tell. Very unfair

Up to -70% Off Selected Navigation Apps
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
Awesome deal from CoPilot for Black Friday. You can get the UK app for only £9.99 and the Europe app for £19.99, includes full navigation, maps and 12 months traffic. Other apps an… Read more

Decent price, lane assistance is good in Copilot but traffic nothing beats waze

30% Off CoPilot Premium until 23/08/2015 - £13.99
Found 14th Aug 2015Found 14th Aug 2015
Yes, Google Maps and NavMii are free, but for a premium Sat Nav, this is as good as you'll get. Active Traffic, however, is £7.99 per year.
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I have an Honor 4x and I can't get Co-pilot to install to the external SD (well I can, but it wont work if I do)


​Thats more down to your providers poor network than Google Maps, I use Maps several times daily and rarely have connection issues on 3 so its my go to 99% of the time. Most of the time I'm in rural Yorkshire but I've also lately been down to Glastonbury and London using the M6 and M1 respectively and it proved faultless on both journeys. I'm not knocking this deal mind if anyone is on a limited data plan, for £14 its a great basic sat nav App but Maps is so well linked into other Google apps like now and calendar and its as good as it gets with giving sat nav directions its just a no brainer for me.


We can agree to disagree :P Others may have better features but I've had trips away over the last few weeks and not being able to search for a post code with no wifi and poor signal causes issues. I don't like having to drive around until it sorts itself out, but that's just me.


​Eh? I have CoPilot, Here and Sygic but Google Maps wipes the floor with all of them with both features and directions given. I have unlimited data which helps but I rarely use any other mapping.


First year of ActiveTraffic is normally free and they tend to have a sale on traffic sometimes too. I posted this last time and it got voted cold but always gets a hot vote from me. I've been trying to use Google Maps and Waze for the past few months (just moved over to Android) and it just doesn't compare. Hot hot hot!

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Co pilot UK & Ireland £13.99 ends 13th July @ Google play store.
Found 12th Jul 2015Found 12th Jul 2015
On offer at the moment at £13.99. I know there are plenty of free online and offline sat navs out there but in my opinion this is the best. I have used numerous over the years and … Read more

just seen apple maps van outside my house today. so does that means street view is comming soon for iphone?


Nope had copilot for years.


I guess the annoying thing is looking on the phone screen and seeing a little Waze icon wiggling down the same street as you. Waze is obviously directing people from all directions onto the same streets --- even if the sensible thing to do would be to direct Waze traffic in one direction only (i.e., those going east to west should be routed along roads with other cars going east to west) It's like a game of Pacman at times :) - and often more stressful than just going on the major roads and dealing with the traffic! Plus, those adverts oO


Can you tell me what roads in London that doesn't occur on??? :D


The only problem with Waze in London is that it uses roads that really aren't designed for traffic. So if one other car comes in the other direction, you tend to be stopping and reversing. Waze is excellent in London - don't get me wrong. But it can be annoying seeing a group of Waze icons all stuck on the same fiddly road that you are on! :).

Copilot USA apps up to 50% off
Found 2nd Jul 2015Found 2nd Jul 2015
Independence Day Sale: Get 50% off until July 13th CoPilot is the must-have GPS navigation app every driver needs. Dependable, up-to-date offline maps and accurate real-time traffi… Read more

tldr: It might be ok as a reduced price, but i have supported this in the past and it is not the best navigation product it claim to be. Nor for individuals, neither for professionals. Yes, you need to download the map before you setup on a journey (all of the map you are planning to use), but this isn't something that a navigation app should boasting about. it should be the norm. In fact I would argue against downloading single city map, because if you need the state map, then you will download another map (file) for the latter after you have downloaded the former. And this might happen at the least convenient time (3G/4G connection only with incurring additional cost) Talking about additional cost: some of the thing that should be part of the application have been put under a micro transaction scheme, to create more value for the company. Need a new voice (that is more understandable)? Need actual real time traffic information? Pay up. Adding to that the confusing license scheme of free CoPilot that will see you pay up to three times the price of the application to get the same functionalities. Don't rely on the map too much because they are way too often not up to date to the point where you might find yourself wanting for a real life map (you know the paper kind). Zip code search is ok most of time, but there are plenty to desire when it comes to European's post code. Specially with the complicated scheme of the UK compared to the rest of Europe. The "Lane Assist" is more of a gimmick that something really useful: It often fails (CopPilot support will normally blame the map's data but it really is the responsibility of the company to get updated maps' data) and when it works, you should really focus on the road rather than looking at that screen. The logic of the "best route" is often good enough if you do not know the journey between cities, but that's about it. And modifying it on the device can be a real in, even on larger screen (above the average 4.8"). And there is no official way to create a map outside the application and import it If something doesn't work don't bother contacting support for real help. They are mostly useless (talking by experience) or are told to not provide the correct information and blame the customer instead. The price is often guided by no reasonable decision apart from greed, although I have long suspected that in Europe at least, it is driven by some licensing scheme due to the fact that CoPilot is buying maps from map provider. This has a direct impact in the sense that map update are seldom and slow. Don't be fooled by the "life time" license as well, This license is still using a product key code to activate and should you encounter any issue with the reactivation of the said license you might be in for a world of hurts. Not mentioning the fact that older version will have their support dropped entirely, so you might have a license, but no way to use it. Best strategy is pestering the company for a cheap upgrade should you have a device that can support it. The app itself is a real drain on plenty of mobile devices due to being very graphical intensive and needing a GPS connection at all time. The GPS localisation is ok-ish at best. and some options are only available if you are up to modify by hand some config files. And last time I checked, I still receive update to one thread I have created while being in support regarding the inability of this application to download directly to storage card the data. The work around being to manually change the path to the data and move the said data. The application is "supporting" over 5000 devices, but often fail on its nose for no apparent reasons on common devices (Samsung Galaxy range), and good luck getting a proper support. You will need to tell support that the application has been uninstalled and reinstalled, and its data deleted and re downloaded through several different ways to get any meaningful information trickling back to you from the support leader (sic). I really believe you will be better deserved with a stand alone device from a well known competitor than "this piece of trash" (dixit some of my old customers) Do yourself a favor and pass on this deal as if might be great, money-wise, but the application is far from being the perfect road companion it is being advertised as.


I didn't actually say it did. Maybe reading is another one of your weaknesses. At least my alleged 'error' wasn't as epic as your GPS/offline maps one. Time to call it quits and ponder over the true meaning of life.


Thank you for restoring my faith in common sense. Some of us on this website shouldn't be allowed internet access :)


Either way here is totally free and has great maps and offline to boot plus a great ui. Can't really go wrong with here.


Your original statement stated that navmii needs constant internet access, does it really? Just admit you were actually wrong.

20% off CoPilot Sat Nav (from £15.99)
Found 31st Mar 2015Found 31st Mar 2015
CoPilot is having a sale on their Sat Nav applications. Find the prices below UK and Ireland - £15.99 Western Europe - £22.99 Europe - £25.99 Europe HD - £26.99
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Found an option to set the map/voice install path to SD - settings, general, storage memory


You're given a free (1yr i think) trial then afterwards you've to pay.


I can't find this on Amazon app store either


are the traffic updates free or do you have to pay for them?


Can you? How?

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Copilot Live Premium Xmas sale
Found 26th Dec 2014Found 26th Dec 2014
Available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile you can now pick up Copilot premium at a reduced price. The £23.99 version is for all of the EU with maps that can be downloaded and … Read more
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Could be :/


Because we are moronic and will happily pay whatever without question? LOL maybe its becasue we are a little island and the data costs more to ship here across the channel perhaps? :D


Perhaps something to do with licensing of maps, postcodes etc.. across different countries?


yes I couldn't figure out why the North American version is so much cheaper?


I use it everyday. Awesome app. Offline downloaded maps and live traffic coverage, so far the best navigation app on ios imo

Selected Co-Pilot Apps 25% off in both the Play Store & App Store
Found 27th Nov 2014Found 27th Nov 2014
Black Friday Sale: UK/Eire - £14.99 EU - £25.99 Co-Pilot Premium HD (iOS) - £25.99 I use Co-Pilot exclusively. Regular Map updates (I've never paid for a map update) and Traffic… Read more
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Just can't vote hot knowing the us price is a fraction of this. Seems exorbitant in contrast.


good price


Yep may also want to add that Traffic is only £4.99 too. I love using CoPilot and will continue to do so. This should be getting voted hot. Also if you want to save those extra few pounds look to buy iTunes gift cards from somewhere like CD Keys. Think they have a £15 gift card for 13.99 knocking of an extra £1 :D


I think its good OP, thanks. I received the email also, and just added the active live traffice (30% off) for £4.99 Been using CoPilot for years and its great

CoPilot Premium USA SatNav app for Android & IOS £4.99 ($6.99) - 30% discount
Found 25th Nov 2014Found 25th Nov 2014
USA offline (downloadable maps) Sat Nav app for your Android or IOS device - no need to use data roaming charges while driving around the USA. Get clear, accurate voice-guided, tu… Read more
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Only have experience of the UK version - have used on ios & android. Worst satnav I have ever used. Failed time and time again. I bought it because of its positive reviews - sorry I did


For me, I thought it worth a punt when it was last sold at this price and did find it useful for my USA driving and not relying on data, it's only recently with Three's Feel at Home mega cheap roaming has using data while in the USA becomes a reality. For me £5 spent on a potentially useful satnav for a trip costing £1500 with flights and car it seemed money well spent. Certainly likely to work out much cheaper than renting a satnav from the hire car company at their stupid rates of $5 a day or more.


Used this last year on a Samsung galaxy s2, and it was fine around Santa Monica, LA and onwards to Vegas. Worthwhile researching where you want to go beforehand and adding these in as points of interest whilst on your home wifi rather than when you are out there.


Anyone got any views against this and navfree usa which gets brilliant reviews


Not used it in the states but have here and its excellent, I added the HD traffic option was right on the nail and has redirected me on more than one occasion to save time. Used Tom Tom and this blows it out of the water. As I say I cant vouch for the US version but the UK is 1st class.

ALK CoPilot £13.49 upgrade
Found 23rd Jun 2014Found 23rd Jun 2014
Accelerate your CoPilot GPS with an Upgrade You can continue to use CoPilot's free offline maps, POIs and route planning features or upgrade to unlimited voice-guided, turn-by-turn… Read more

I took up this offer. I've always liked Co-Pilot and even though i try the others I always come back to it. The offline maps do it for me over Google Maps etc.


Used this for years. Never paid a penny.


Been using co pilot on android for years, worth every penny

CoPilot Premium (iOS/Android) 25% off now £14.99 @Google Play & iTunes
Found 23rd Dec 2013Found 23rd Dec 2013
Cracking SatNav app for anyone who needs one. Better than TomTom/Garmin etc in my opinion. Android:… Read more
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Get it for £12 as PC World / Currys have £15 iTunes voucher for £12.


You know you can pre-load maps via wifi right? Also, in car chargers are very cheap


I've tried Co-pilot and personally didn't get on with it....I use Google maps and pre-download the maps for the area that I'll be in, in advance.....


Have been using CoPilot for 10 years, on Smartphone, back in the days before mobiles had GPS, you had to have separate GPS receiver box. It is good software, free traffic updates for 12 months, free safety camera update, links to Twitter/facebook to share journey information. Free map updates (roughly once a year). Only need mobile data connection for live traffic, all other data is stored on your phone. Have used it in UK, Europe and New Zealand, has made holiday's less stressful as can put destinations in whilst at home, so when arrive in foreign country and tired, just start copilot and select already stored destination. A lot cheaper than hiring Sat-Navs from Car Rental companies.


How much are the in app map updates? For example the UK & Ireland one.

Copilot Live Sat Nav for iPhone/Android (US/Cananda maps) from £1.88
Found 21st Nov 2011Found 21st Nov 2011
Starting at £1.88 ($2.99) for a full US offline (no need for data roaming charges) Sat Nav system, also includes 1yr free map updates. >>> Starting today and ending Nove… Read more

For those who can afford to travel to the USA, and regularly do, this is an excellent deal. Also for those adverse to stealing.


Good deal for people like me who travel in the USA


I feel much better now as I do that all the time :D


Free if you steal could say that about anything on here!


Hahahaa!! Not a good deal for here :D

CoPilot Live Standard / USA £1.87 (Android)
Found 27th Jun 2011Found 27th Jun 2011
Offline voice-guided GPS navigation - special introductory price this week only! Build your own personal navigation app. Available for a special introductory price for 1 week only… Read more

Just a note about the difference in price for UK vs USA maps. The problem is the map data providers, not the app developers. In the UK the Ordnance Survey and other mapping agencies charge outrageous amounts of money for the source data, but also maintain it a bit better than the USA's cheap/free datasets. Be grateful the prices have gone down from the £80 (with no updates) it used to be.


Taken the plunge and bought it.... guess I wont find out if its any good till I get my phone back, and go!


With Googlemaps: 1. Data charges 2. No 3G signal, no satnav. Handy if it cuts out just as you come up to yet another poorly signposted junction.


Just in case you're not seeing the other thread. I bought both. They are treated seperately and don't conflict (as far as I can see).


Is this the only one you got or did you get the UK one too? I notice the UK App is called Europe and only has access to European maps. I was also thinking of getting the USA standard app as its so cheap but I am guessing I will end up with two completely separate Copilot installations not that this probably matters (so long as they dont conflict) but it seems a bit wierd!

CoPilot Live Premium / USA £6.25
Found 27th Jun 2011Found 27th Jun 2011
Offline voice-guided GPS navigation - special introductory price this week only! Now there’s a better way to navigate. Available for a special introductory price for 1 week only! … Read more

Would have to be unlocked for it to work.


20p a MB in the USA? Never heard of that, does it work in the iphone? Anyway, just pointing out that you wouldn't want live services running on a UK sim in the USA.


You could always turn the live services off, or use a Truphone SIM at 20p/MB


Live services on a UK sim in the USA will costs a fortune!

CoPilot Live Premium / UK+IRL £12.49 (£14.99 inc VAT) / EUR £24.99 (£29.99 inc VAT)
Found 27th Jun 2011Found 27th Jun 2011
Available for Android now, iOS shortly UK & Ireland Europe Premium http… Read more

It has no quick stop feature, that's really annoying as it was one of my favorite features of Copilot! Also my battery life has been much poorer since installing it. Hoping it will get much better with updates...


+1 its really annoying.


Copilot 8 crashes for me every nown again and I have to go into applications and force close it and open it again, it does carry on from where you are when you do that but its really dangerous to be doing that while driving! I hope this new one doesn't do that! Google maps is useless takes 10 minutes to find a postcode with no 3g, has one crappy voice and doesn't re-route quick enough! Good price and purchased!


I have copilot 8, I like it but my Desire used to reboot when using it ( also did the same using Google Maps so its not the software). I reported it to HTC and they fitted a new motherboard for free. I will probably wait and get TomTom when it comes out for the Android rather than upgrade to copilot 9 which is sounding like it was a little rushed out to me. never had dealings with the support staff so i couldn't comment on that. If Copilot 8 drops in price once v9 is established i would say that would be a good purchase.


Just to clarify the 'Circle' issue, the only way I can get it to say 'Circle' is by selecting English US (instead of English UK) and then TTS voice (Text to speech). This does say 'Cirlce' but all other US and UK voices say 'Roundabout'.