Copper Slug Tape £9.00 BOGOF @ Greenfingers.Com
Copper Slug Tape £9.00 BOGOF @ Greenfingers.Com

Copper Slug Tape £9.00 BOGOF @ Greenfingers.Com

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Slug Stoppa Tape When slugs slither over this copper based barrier tape a tiny electrical charge is produced which deters the little pests without causing any harm. Ideal for flower pots, window boxes, tubs and trees. 3cm wide, 4m Roll Length.

And another 10% at Quidco
Postage is free with a spend of £45+


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This stuff is so good I've added my own heat:whistling:

4.95 P+P:whistling:

Really should include the delivery charge in the OP, however, with the 10% discount and 10% Quidco this is still a good deal in my books. Copper really does stop slugs and snails. We stuck some copper around the tops of some plant pots last year and they didn't get touched - apart from when the leaves touched an adjacent plant and the crafty blighters managed to climb across!

With the discount, quidco and p+p it's likely to be a bit over £12 I would guess, which is not bad - have you seen the price of copper these days?

Having said that, just had a look on ebay and you can get 3m rolls for quite a bit less. Item no. 360058648979

£3.23 delivered for 1 roll, £2.48 for each extra roll ordered, so 3 rolls (9m) would set you back £8.21

Sorry linlew

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:roll: You're right. Didn't think of ebay.
Gonna try and cancel my order now.

Funnily enough I just got some off eBay this week. Cheapest I found there was 8 rolls of 3cm x 4m for £17-50. That includes P+P so works out less than £2-20 a roll :thumbsup:


£4.98 a roll … £4.98 a roll athttp://www.plantmenow.co.uk/acatalog/slug-barrier-copper-tape.html

Again plus P+P:p

there are loads of slugs this year.... chewing all my plants... I HATE SLUGS....#

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Oh well. Even though it may not have been a good deal it is a good product and if nothing else I may have given someone a tip to stop those slimy beasts;-)

you have given me the tip and i greatly appreciate it!
I hate slugs too!


2 x 4M rolls for £14 is very expensive. I paid £4 for 10m roll delivered from an ebay shop and works great.

Will any copper work? Like out of cables?

It works by givina a small electric shock that they find very unpleasant. Chances are wire wouldn't be wide enough to discourage them.
Fraid this seems expensive, but made me think to look at ebay, so thanks.
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