Coral Bathroom suite (bog & basin but no bath)  £122.55 @ Wickes

Coral Bathroom suite (bog & basin but no bath) £122.55 @ Wickes

Found 26th Jan 2011Made hot 26th Jan 2011
@ Wickes

...Just following on with the WC theme


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heat for ur avatar

just in case anyone is looking, Focus have a Shires Abbey pottery set (toilet and basin) for £99 in store
with the 15% off promotion makes it £85
online they're £220

BTW, the Wickes bathroom "suite" doesn't include the bath, need to change the title

Another hot one! Not bad for bog and basin.(_;)

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thot it was too good to be true oO

does include basin taps and waste? B&q do basic to go set comprising of - toilet, full pedestal basin, basin taps, bath taps and all wastes for120quid.

shame no bath but at that price, u cant expect everything

I picked the Cambridge bathroom set
from Focus about two weeks ago for £135.00

These are a bit 90s
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