Cordless hair/beard trimmer (includes 3 year warranty and travel case) - Lidl - £14.99

Cordless hair/beard trimmer (includes 3 year warranty and travel case) - Lidl - £14.99

£14.99LIDL Deals
Found 23rd Jun 2012
* Titanium-coated cartridge with adjustable ceramic blade for precise cutting

* Thinning attachment and 7 comb attachments, length range (mm): 4 - 30

* Includes charging base, comb, scissors, blade oil, travel case, cleaning brush, hairdressing cape and 7 comb attachments

* Sliding switch with 4-setting fine adjustment from (mm): 0.5 - 2.5
* Fully charged operating time approx. (mins): 60

* Charging time (mins): 90

* With built in NiMH rechargeable battery

* Cordless or mains operated

* 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
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Nice find OP, thanks
Is everyone on this site suddenly getting an urge to cut their hair at 11pm on a Saturday?
Hi, I've got one of these and it's great! I cut my own hair(short back and sides) and its brill! You can use the trimmer while it's plugged in or use it cordless too,

The little switch that selects the length has come off and won't stay on, also keep it out of water! I accidentally dropped mine in the sink full of water and it shorted the on and off button, I just opened it up and let it dry up and jobs a good un'
Thanks for the replies guys. It looks quite good especially with the lcd display and 90 min charging time.
I got their older model around Xmas; no LCD display, but under a tenner, if I remember correctly. Very pleased with it; better than the last two Remington trimmers I've had.
I bought these clippers today, very impressed with them for the price. My other two rechargeable clippers, Philips & Remington, take 8 hrs and 16 hrs to charge and they have no display to tell you how much charge is left. These feel a lot more ergonomic as well with a nice soft case to put everything in.
Well worth it.
How realistic is the charge time on this, seems too good?
I'm going to get mine today, could someone tell me how long the cord is?
nice find, thanks OP
I also would be interested in cord length. I was thinking of trimming my dog's paws with them - should be okay?
Picked it up today, last one in Slough. Will let you know how good it is when I use it later!
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None left in Hanwell!
I picked up one today but have not used it yet. If looks and feels good for £15 though. Only issue I have is that when it is plugged in and charging it makes a humming noise. My cordless home phone does a similar thing when placed in its charging station.
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