Cordless Multifunction Cutting tool Multi Tool £39.99 @ Aldi

Cordless Multifunction Cutting tool Multi Tool £39.99 @ Aldi

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Found 10th Jun 2012
Seems like a great buy for this. A similar Bosch on amazon is £107…8-7

Three years warranty also.

Saw, cut and sand with this handy 10.8V Li-ion multifunction tool.

Precision oscillation function
No load speed: 5000 - 19,000rpm
Includes: plunge saw blade, diamond saw blade, HSS segment saw blade, sanding plate and 20 sheets of sanding paper
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where do you get replacement bits for this?
Bosch bits fit according to the advertisement
Anyone one if these are capable of cutting through floorboards? Hear they are excellent for plaster board
Yes they cut floor boards but corded is better
Got the corded one, £30 a few months ago but be carefull with bits don't last very long if not, clumsy me, as their expensive.
I have a corded one and it is brilliant tool. We in process of renovating the fix-er-upper house that we bought and it has proved invaluable. Cut floorboards skirting plaster even works great on cutting copper pipe. (Had to cut out plumbing under sink that was inaccessible...probably not the safest idea as it still had water in the pipe!)

Little tip, rather than cutting floorboards with the blade at 90 degrees to the wood, angle the tool slightly so it is cutting more towards edge of blade. Find it does a plunge cut much easier and only wears down one side.

Also get blades of eBay. Look for sabre multi tool blades. Works out least half the price as in the shops.
I'm amongst the crowd looking for cheaper blades. I suspect they'll come down in price eventually as more people own this type of tool, all made possible thanks to Fein's patent expiring. Fein is probably the best, with the most convenient blade switching mechanism, but at £200+ it's out of by budget.

I'm really happy with my Parkside from Lidl for £30. Lightweight with very smooth operation. In fact I'm becoming a bit of a Parkside fan. The Germans do like to build their products well.
Great tool yes but where can you buy a spare batterie ?
as the servotool on the web site for after sales is not very user
Hi I got one of these when they appeard in June,however didn't start to use it till a couple of weeks ago.I followed the instrutions for start of use and once fully charged began work.It was fabulous for a good 10 minutes then stopped. I put it back on charge for a while but it still doesn't work. I have tried to get hold of who are the after sales support and recieved a ref no and note to say they would be in touch in the next 5 working days .That was the last I heard from them.Later emails sent added to my enquiry, still no reply.Next I sent an email to aldistores@webershandwick including still no reply. Any of you on this forum had trouble with either Aldi or servotool, comments please.Now onto Watchdog and Guardian Money.

Great tool yes but where can you buy a spare batterie ?as the servotool … Great tool yes but where can you buy a spare batterie ?as the servotool on the web site for after sales is not very user frendly

The webite was pretty basic when I looked last week. I rang the after sales support team on 0203 514 2281 and the nice lady at the other end was happy to supply a spare battery at around £10 including postage. I ordered one and it arrived a couple of days later. The postage was £3.31, so the battery only cost around £7. A lot cheaper than the Bosch and others. Tool Station sell spare Bosch blades for metal etc. but the original plunge cut sawblade is still going strong on wood and uPVC. A really great tool that speedily does the awkward jobs that took ages with hand tools in the past.
Looks like they're back on sale at Aldi from Thurs 18th Oct 280W Multitool £29.99. Unfortunately it's just a picture on the Special Buys page, the link just takes you to the coming Sunday's offers…htm
any body know how to download manual please
Do you need a receipt if it breaks within the three years
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