Core2Duo E8500 (3.1Ghz) LGA775 (pre-owned) £75 @ CeX

Core2Duo E8500 (3.1Ghz) LGA775 (pre-owned) £75 @ CeX

Found 10th Aug 2010
The Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 is based on the LGA 775 pin configuration and features a 3.16GHz clock speed, 6MB L2 Cache, and a 1333MHz bus speed. The E8500 is manufactured using the 45nm manufacturing process for better performance and cooling.


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The full spec is listed here
on intel's website

Excellent cpu if you can get it for this price.

Who woke up to find their computer was missing a chip ;-)

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i cant understand the cold votes it's £140+ on most websites

is a preowned CPU a good idea? hmmm....

I personally would not go for a pre-owned CPU, not even for a 50% saving. CeX aren't exactly a PC hardware distributor by name...


is a preowned CPU a good idea? hmmm....

every piece of electronics at CEX carries 1 yr warranty... So preowned = good

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I'm using a pre owned cpu for the last 10 months from cex, no problems to report

About £75 to £80 on eBay and I'd much rather buy from there than CeX.

Would rather go for the brand new i3 for a little more with built in hd capable gpu that overclock over 4ghz with a cheap asus board, i would never buy a used cpu for all you know it could of been over volted under liquid nitrogen and pushed to within a inch of its life especially this cpu as the top end C2D these where bought by people like me who would of pushed it from day one a shortened its life.

^^ if you want an i3 you then have to purchase a new board, which in many cases then means new ram so its not really cost effective..
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