Corel Paint Shop Pro X9 Ultimate (Full Version) RRP £79.99 + Bonus Collection - £19.99 (Existing Users)

Corel Paint Shop Pro X9 Ultimate (Full Version) RRP £79.99 + Bonus Collection - £19.99 (Existing Users)

Found 30th Sep 2016
I launched my Corel PSP X7 a few minutes ago and a 'Corel Offer' window appeared before the program fully loaded (I normally get these offers, but just ignore them).

Anyhow, this morning there was an offer for 'Corel Paint Shop Pro X9' for £19.99.

I clicked through to the Corel online store and sure enough the 'Full Version' + 'Bonus Collection' was £19.99.

Strangely the 'Upgrade' was still £59.99

It was a no brainer for me.

It may be worth current 'Corel Paint Shop Pro' users who are thinking of upgrading launching their copy of 'Corel PSP X7' (maybe even PSP X8) to see if the offer is live for them too.

Also included in the 'Bonus Collection' are:

* Corel AfterShot3

* Corel Live Screen Capture

* Corel Creative Collection

Other Free Software Includes:

* KPT Collection (32-bit)

* Creative Content

* PaintShop Pro Scripting Guide

Sadly, this offer seems to only available to existing 'Corel PSP' user who click through from the 'Corel Offer' pop up window when the program is launched.

Hopefully it'll help someone though.
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I also got this offer on my x7, it's well worth it.
e 2
Hmm maybe I'll re-install PSP x3 that I haven't used for ages since it was so slow, maybe that'll give me an upgrade option!
Hmm, wonder if my X2 would do it, wonder if I still have an OS I could install it on!!!
Forgot to uninstall PSPX7 and lauched it accidentally earlier and on closing it, got the pop-up I saw before posted this:

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