Cornerstone Razor handle and 6 razor blades for £4 delivered with code

Cornerstone Razor handle and 6 razor blades for £4 delivered with code

Found 18th Aug 2014
Just bought this shaving set online but they have an offer where you can get £10 off your first order.

Minimum order is £14 for a razor handle and 6 blades but by using the code "CS10" (no quotes) you can get it for £4 delivered!

Simply go onto the deal link.
Select "Not Often"
Untick "Pre-Shave face scrub", "Shave Gel" and "Post-Shave Balm" and your total should show up as £14.

When you get to Payment and delivery scroll down and you will see an option to enter a discount code. Enter in CS10.

Order is based on a subscription of at least 24 weeks but this can be cancelled straight after you order if you prefer.

Worth a punt at this price at the very least and their customer service is excellent.

If you ask them nicely, they'll even engrave the razor for free so ideal as a gift.
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Heat added for the initial price, but not sure if this will take off like the 'Dollar Shave Club' in the US, at these prices, they don't appear to be any cheaper than buying razer blades from the supermarket so the only benifit I see is if you are really lazy, and if that's the case you can always use Amazons subscibe and save service which will probably work out cheaper as well and you'll get the brand of blades you like.
Initial deal aside, the subscription is not a good deal. Not voting either way, but I wouldn't sign up for these products.
Sign up monthly premiums put me off .straight off the rather buy razors when i need them my typical razor head lasts me 6-9weeks and i shave my whole head everyday
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