Cornerstone Trial Razor + Gel for £2

Cornerstone Trial Razor + Gel for £2

Found 5th Dec 2017
OK, bear with, this deal is worth it with just a tiny bit of work.

When ordering your free (£2 delivery) trial handle, cartridge + gel, you have to select what you want in your next delivery (not your trial pack - that is only £2). Just select anything - you can change it shortly after. Once you've placed your order, you can change what's in your regular future delivery, you can push the delivery date back, or you can cancel your subscription altogether. I have reduced the delivery to blades only and have added a month to the first delivery date (all very easy in the "Your Shave Plan" section of your account). Now I have 6 weeks in which to trial the blade.
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Each time i am about to get my order i always get an email saying try out our new Face Wash for free wirth £6, FACE SCRUB worth £5, and SHAVE CREAM £6 always add these to my order of shaving BLADES remove them item once i got it.
also when i order mines up i got 50% off and the old shaver with 6 BLADES got another 6 BLADES then got the new shaver with new BLADES, now my GF using my old shaver with the blades i have left over (about 5 left).

I know get delivery 2-3times a year or BLADES and shaving Gel. (Around 20-30weeks between delivery)
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I am using these nearly for free over a year now (quidco cashback, referred myself, promotions)

It's a good razor, even if I have to pay for it eventually, i would.

Same as djmackie2000i give my old handle and blades to Mrs. all the time
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Yep good razor just not electric. But great for a manual razor.
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