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Cornerstone - Get 3 For 2 on Everything
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Posted 18th Jun 2019Posted 18th Jun 2019
Cornerstone - Get 3 For 2 on Everything
GET 3 FOR 2 ON EVERYTHING! Everything in our one-off shop is now 3 for the price of 2 until Friday the 21st of June! Why not stock up on Razor Blades , Multi-Vitamins , or… Read more
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Yeah, i think the blades are fantastic! Ive used these and shavekit and think these are superior. And the handle is really premium. Has a lovely weight to it.


They got 5 star reviews. Most people love the blades. :)


Poor razor in my experience. Like the idea and look of it , but not impressed with the blades.

Free personalised shaving kit (RRP £15), just cover delivery £3.95 at Cornerstone
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Posted 16th Aug 2018Posted 16th Aug 2018
Free personalised shaving kit (RRP £15), just cover delivery £3.95 at Cornerstone
Simplify your life with this free shaving kit conveniently delivered directly to your door. The kit includes a personalised razor handle, a razor blade, travel shave cream, a welco… Read more



That was a close shave.


These are the best blades I've ever used, and I'm 60


They don't


Will other razors fit these handles, does anyone know?

Corner stone give away: £20 to spend at Majestic wine house when you spend £20 at Corner stone
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Posted 21st May 2018Posted 21st May 2018
Corner stone give away: £20 to spend at Majestic wine house when you spend £20 at Corner stone
20£ to spend at Majestic wine house when you spend 20£ at Corner stone
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Turns out that Cornerstone don't do granite worktops. They sell men's shaving products by subscription.

Personalised Razor and 6 Blades (£4 P&P) - Cornerstone
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Posted 7th Mar 2018Posted 7th Mar 2018LocalLocal
Personalised Razor and 6 Blades (£4 P&P) - Cornerstone
Claim a FREE stylish personalised chrome razor and 6 blades. Join Cornerstone today and get a £10 off your first order. Just pay the £4 to get it delivered in the post. Click the ‘… Read more

I've been using shavekit instead as I found cornerstone just scratched my skin


Maybe not but they are definitely a cut above the rest ;) At just £4 as well , reduced from £14, this is cost-cutting at its finest !


Already tried, the blades are on par with the cheapest box disposables.


So not cutting edge


Ordered. Cheers :-)

£14 off £20 spend @ Cornerstone Razors. HSBC/FirstDirect confirmed. Free Engraved Razor Handle. 6 Blades. Shaving Cream. Free Delivery. £6 after cashback.
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Posted 16th Dec 2017Posted 16th Dec 2017
£14 off £20 spend @ Cornerstone Razors. HSBC/FirstDirect confirmed. Free Engraved Razor Handle. 6 Blades. Shaving Cream. Free Delivery. £6 after cashback.
This is a VISA Debit Cashback offer to all registered cards - register your HSBC card here , or your FirstDirect card here. Link to Visa Offer page here . New Cornerstone custo… Read more

Interesting. I’ve had complete opposite experience but then mine was the older blades from over a year ago. One of the only razors that gave me a true close shave and didn’t cut up my face! Interesting to see if quality gone down as about to order new batch soon!


I loved the razor..... But the blades.....were terrible from the 1st shave. At least Gilette last a week or 2. Dorco are really good and a surprise to me Wilkinson Sword are also good.


Agree with what's being said. The blades themselves left me with a tiny bit of stubble from the first shave. If they can't leave you smooth, what's the point?


Had some of these as a gift this year. Truly awful shave - without question the worst blades I’ve ever used - and that includes disposable Bics and supermarket cheapos. It came woth with shave gel, after shave balm and something else - which were okay, but the razors - no thanks


Already cancelled my subscription... (skeptical)

Cornerstone Trial Razor + Gel for £2
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Posted 5th Dec 2017Posted 5th Dec 2017
Cornerstone Trial Razor + Gel for £2
OK, bear with, this deal is worth it with just a tiny bit of work. When ordering your free (£2 delivery) trial handle, cartridge + gel, you have to select what you want in your ne… Read more

Yep good razor just not electric. But great for a manual razor.


I am using these nearly for free over a year now (quidco cashback, referred myself, promotions) It's a good razor, even if I have to pay for it eventually, i would. Same as djmackie2000i give my old handle and blades to Mrs. all the time :D


Each time i am about to get my order i always get an email saying try out our new Face Wash for free wirth £6, FACE SCRUB worth £5, and SHAVE CREAM £6 always add these to my order of shaving BLADES remove them item once i got it. also when i order mines up i got 50% off and the old shaver with 6 BLADES got another 6 BLADES then got the new shaver with new BLADES, now my GF using my old shaver with the blades i have left over (about 5 left). I know get delivery 2-3times a year or BLADES and shaving Gel. (Around 20-30weeks between delivery)

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Free engraved razor handle, blade and shaving gel + £2 postage @ Cornerstone
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Posted 24th Sep 2017Posted 24th Sep 2017
Free engraved razor handle, blade and shaving gel + £2 postage @ Cornerstone
Includes: 1 x Engraved aluminium razor handle 1 x Razor blade 1x Sensitive shave gel Select your initials to be engraved £2 for delivery. When it says choose your items for subs… Read more

I posted the same deal but looks like you got here first! Nice one! Goodness me people are daft. They think you're forced to purchase their other items when in reality if they could READ they'd realise they're asking what items they would like in their next subscription box. No idea why this was voted cold. Great deal.


Ordered got the set which was really nice and then cancelled the subscription. Great for £2


You have to specify one item, won’t let you order without ticking one item. Voted cold


Just giving info :)


Read the updated description It was my first post so go easy ;(

Cornerstone Razor 6 blades plus shiny handle well reviewed £4
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Posted 8th Sep 2017Posted 8th Sep 2017
Cornerstone Razor 6 blades plus shiny handle well reviewed £4
A subscription service but can cancel anytime. £10 off first order so can get 6 blades plus handle for £4 delivered. Sharpest deal of the day!
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use the code HELLOTEN


Just abysmal to use. I took their trial but the blades were awful. I've found Dorco to be my go to brand now and soon to try Harry's


Comes up at £14 for me, never used them before


i didnt like these - bought the 5 blade razor from aldi instead shaves much better


I found these to be the best I've ever used & I've probably used every brand I could find. The only blades I don't get razor burn from. Worth the cost for me. Heat OP

Cornerstone shaver, 6 blades, scrub, cream & balm - £10
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Posted 9th Mar 2017Posted 9th Mar 2017
Cornerstone shaver, 6 blades, scrub, cream & balm - £10
Sign up to Cornerstone to receive a personalised shaver, 6 blades, cream or gel, balm and scrub for £10 (£10 off using PURE10 and £10 quidco cashback). Either stick with a plan a… Read more
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I get shaving rash, bumps and ingrowing hair on my neck. I've tried lots of products over the years and switched to an expensive Panasonic Linear electric shaver, but that irritates me. I was looking at this kit on their website today, I wonder what it's like for those who get irritation or if anyone has any suggestions on what to buy/subscribe to that would be appreciated :)


Used mine yesterday and this morning. Not a massive difference to them and my mach 3. Handle looks nice and feels good, although could do with a rubber strip to aid grip. Got a bit of a shaving rash on my neck nothing major but more than usual. Not changed any of my routine or products other than the razor. Looking to do a proper review after a couple of weeks to see how the blades fare, i can get a good two weeks out of a Mach 3 before i give it a clean on a bit of denim and then another 2 weeks use before changing for a new one. Normally shave 5 days of 7.


Blades rust - avoid.


Bought some blades and a handle with free balm late last year, on the recommendation of a friend. Thought the blades were a little disappointing, as they didn't seem to last that long. I still have some blades left having switched to Dorco PACE6 when they were on a BOGOF in January, so now have 2 years worth of those. The PACE6 is a better option imo, if you can live without your Cornerstone monogrammed handle! :{


​£10 for an additional handle. Maybe worth ordering a few to flog

MENS RAZOR £10 OFF FIRST ORDER - £4 @ Cornerstone
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Posted 15th Jun 2016Posted 15th Jun 2016
MENS RAZOR £10 OFF FIRST ORDER - £4 @ Cornerstone
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At the end of the day - A car is a vehicle with 4 wheels to get you from A-B why do we need to have so many brands available to choose from - Chocolate is a confectionery so why make expensive options like Thorntons/Galaxy/Cadburys when the cheap cooking stuff is still chocolate - Alcohol gets you drunk so we don't need to have baileys/Guinness/Gordons gin etc we just should get the Supermarket budget stuff because it does the same job. I moved to double edged razors after a thread a few years bag and I wouldn't look back on it. I have to buy the blades online and I have my preference in terms of the ones that are the sharpest and best price. The American equivalent of Dollar shave club proves there is a market for this sort of service when done right. While I agree there is no deal and I found the £1 deal they had when they first started was a good trial to find out that their blades didn't suit me. Finding the right razor and shave technique can change you from feeling sore to feeling invigorated and positive about yourself. I love having the occasional pamper shave where I put a lot of effort into getting the closest and most refreshing experience. Just because you don't mind hacking your mug on a regular basis doesn't mean that everyone else wants to.


Personally, I find a shavette to give a close shave near to that of a straight razor without the need for honing and stropping, They use half a DE blade which are much cheaper than cartridge multiblade systems per shave :)




*sigh* the brand listed isn't in any sort of supermarket, besides which everyone has different preferences.


Its a razor. Despite all the marketing and hype around them, they are little sharp bits of metal attached to a stick. The high street has countless selection, there is no need for a delivery service devoted to it. The staggering response to this deal suggest I might be barking up the right tree.

Engraved razor and six blades, Delivered £4 @ Cornerstone
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Posted 30th Apr 2016Posted 30th Apr 2016
Engraved razor and six blades, Delivered £4 @ Cornerstone
So I've been using cleanshaven for years but for £4 delivered to your home you get 6 razors and a personalised engraved handle (ideal for a gift) using code: FBWELCOME10 If you li… Read more
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Mine arrived and to be honest it looks fantastic, for £4 can't fault it at all!


Where do you put the code?


Mine turned up today, looks okay


I also use Close Shave Society and have been since December. Blades look exactly the same as these, just a different handle. I pay £6 a month and the blades are of a great quality, as good as any Gillette or Wilkinson Sword ones I've used in the past. Customer service is also superb with Close Shave Society. Just like Cornstone, you can also pause or cancel he subscription at any time.


Given it a go...lets see what they are like

Engraved razor and six blades. £4.00 (with code) @ Cornerstone
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Posted 13th Mar 2016Posted 13th Mar 2016
Engraved razor and six blades. £4.00 (with code) @ Cornerstone
For £4 quid it's worth a punt, Razor, apparently as good as or better than Gillette and wilkinson sword ( we'll see about that) Free engraving, for the forward thinking, you cou… Read more

You log in and cancel? Can't get more simpler than that.


No direct debit on this, you have to provide card details. So not as straightforward to cancel....


Clean Shaven offers free delivery on orders over £15. They offer a 16x pack of the 5 blade with trimmer for £23.99, which works out at £1.50 a blade. States on the website each blade last 3 / 4 weeks. If thats true that is decent value for money, I would be lucky to get 1 week out of a gillette fusion blade. Im sure when gillette bring new model blades out, they reduce the quality in the older models. Is this a tactic they use so you buy the new more expensive razors?


This is a good deal: A quality pre-shave face scrub, shave gel, shave balm, 6 top quality blades, a shaver handle engraved with 3 initials, all delivered for £20 Using code START10. Just remember to cancel before your second order is due!


Straight razor old chap, your double edge is for ladies legs

Razor blade and supplies £30 @ Cornerstone
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Posted 2nd Oct 2015Posted 2nd Oct 2015
Razor blade and supplies £30 @ Cornerstone
£10 off first order
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Razor with 6 blades and free delivery £4.00 at Cornerstone
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Posted 12th Mar 2015Posted 12th Mar 2015
Razor with 6 blades and free delivery £4.00 at Cornerstone
Just found this razor on their website. Had a quick Google and they seem to have got good reviews. There are different boxes/plans that you can subscribe to, but a razor (nice look… Read more

Crikey.. Have used them about 3 times and they keep cutting and giving me shaving rashes


Used mine last night. In my opinion they are not bad. Think my Gillette is probably better, but had a smooth shave with no cuts, rashes. Easily worth £4.


Just received mine and only ordered Wednesday night, so quick delivery. I'll post later once I've used it!


Just found it. @Us3r Looks like you can pause the plan also, the razor comes with 6 blades initially.


Where do you put the code? I've filled in all the details including card details and the only button is "join now"?

Cornerstone Razor handle and 6 razor blades for £4 delivered with code
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Posted 18th Aug 2014Posted 18th Aug 2014
Cornerstone Razor handle and 6 razor blades for £4 delivered with code
Just bought this shaving set online but they have an offer where you can get £10 off your first order. Minimum order is £14 for a razor handle and 6 blades but by using the code "… Read more

Sign up monthly premiums put me off .straight off the rather buy razors when i need them my typical razor head lasts me 6-9weeks and i shave my whole head everyday


Initial deal aside, the subscription is not a good deal. Not voting either way, but I wouldn't sign up for these products.


Heat added for the initial price, but not sure if this will take off like the 'Dollar Shave Club' in the US, at these prices, they don't appear to be any cheaper than buying razer blades from the supermarket so the only benifit I see is if you are really lazy, and if that's the case you can always use Amazons subscibe and save service which will probably work out cheaper as well and you'll get the brand of blades you like.

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