Corona bottles 12x 330ml  - £10 @ Asda

Corona bottles 12x 330ml - £10 @ Asda

Found 6th Apr 2011
Great tasting beer for a great price, instore and online
usually £6.50-£7 for 6 in local off license
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Nearly picked this up the other day, good deal!

I went for some Brahms instead though, very similar and only £2.96 for 4.
Brahms, not bad but Corona > Brahms if i can help it
Still pricey?
I paid £6 for 15 275ml kronenbourg
it's always been pricey, this is just a bit cheaper than usual, and it's a very nice beer so worth paying it every once in a while X)
It is Pricey but its a quality beer.

It is cheap by Corona Standards.
How does it fair against kronenbourg or Coors light. Had brahma before and was ok but nothing amazing.
Also like Tingsuo or how it's spelt.
Don't really like Kronenburg myself, it's similar to Brahms and Sol. Each to their own I guess.
never tried coors, but I'd say its nicer than kronenburg, i think corona's brewed with lime... or something to do with lime anyway.
as i said it's nice to have once in a while rather than the usual cans/bottles i buy
It's very often 8 bottles for £7, which works out at 12 for £10.50 - So it's a bit of a saving Just not so much.. I'm waiting for Coronita at £10 again, then I'm seriously stocking up!

Also like Tingsuo or how it's spelt.

Tsingtao - Love it
i always tend to stick to one shop, locally that is for when i want the odd bit of booze and they've just started stocking desperados which has a hint of tequila in it, quite fond of that as well, although it seems just as expensive as corona, if not more.
i'll watch out for tsingtao and give that a try to
Tsingtao is £1.46 for 640ml bottle at Tesco.
Yeh i picked up a crate of this the other day in asda, they seem to alternate between this on offer and the 6 bottles for £5, so not much in it really
Corona isn't brewed with lime, it just tastes great with a slice of lime dropped in it
For anyone who hasn't noticed, Tesco have packs of 4 x 330ml bottles of Corona in their 3 for £10 offer. So obviously this means it works out the same as the Asda deal posted here.

Also in the 3 for £10 offer are packs of 4x 330ml bottles of Estrella and Budweiser Budvar.

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