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Corona Cero Alcohol Free Lager Beer 24 pack 0% ABV - £17.85 @ Amazon

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About this deal

Thought this deal might help out with anyone doing dry January... it's very similar in taste to the original.

£16.07 wirh subscribe and save.

This pack contains 24x330ml bottles of Corona Cero Alcohol Free Lager Beer, 0% ABV

An alcohol free beer from Corona, brewed with 100% Natural Ingredients

The new Corona Cero has the same crisp and refreshing taste, with subtle citrus notes that delivers a perfectly balanced flavour

0.0% ABV and only 56* calories per bottle
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Please drink responsibly; visit Drinkaware for more advice.
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    Can’t get my head around non alcoholic drinks- surely we put up with calories, headache and price because we want the buzz from it so this is pointless? Love to hear other people’s opinions though
    Alcohol is a problem for some people for a variety of reasons.  0 % alcohol provides an outlet for these people to enjoy it without the hangxiety, mental health deterioration, going off the rails etc.

    You don't feel "out of place" in a social situation with a bottle of this in your hands.  It has a place and it's becoming increasingly more popular. 
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    49p a bottle in the clearance section at my local Morrisons.

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    This is one of the better 0% beers.

    Spot on with a slice of lime.
    Guinness zero
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    Nice one. Ordered. There are some really good reasons to drink non-alcoholic. Much prefer it to a fizzy sugar bomb.
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    Alcohol free and as expensive as a normal box - someone's pants are down
    £19.32 for normal and no subscribe and save discount available. Not really aimed at people that want to drink normal alcohol though is it
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    So cold as everyone wants to get drunk
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    As an avid Corona drinker I can vouch for this.
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    How much.... I'll take a box or 2 of Becks blue at this price
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    This isn't a bad price (before s&s) but quite often they are £3 for 4 at Tescos which equates to £18 so this is slightly cheaper. Not sure why it's so cold (apart from the obvious).
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    Price increased to £17.99.
    Can be legitimately laid to rest now
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    £15.13 now on S&S
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