Corona Extra x12 only 10£ @ tesco

Corona Extra x12 only 10£ @ tesco



I could just do with some of those right now!
right time, right season....
cheaper than the wholesalers! Corona.
good deal and if still were doing £5 cash back on these a little whilst ago so even cheaper
girls :-n)

better off with…747

cheap and good
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36 boxes in my local one.

girls pussys :-n)better off with … girls pussys :-n)better off with and good

you'll have to travel for that one..
FriesWithThat Corona.

I am old enough to understand that! Maybe I've just got the knack...
Same price in Sainsburys I think.
sainsburys price is 12£
pound ten is a great price. hot!
Not a hot deal, maybe a better price than the rest but not hot.
you'll never find these for 5 quids if this is what you call "hot"! you better grab one before the price goes up again and gets chilly....
That's not a good deal :-\

That's not a good deal :-\

any reason ?oO
Another day, another repost.
ye half an hour and we'll repost
You can have any brew you want as long as it's a Corona
£5 cash back with my supermarket
Pretty sure this was posted last week as well as the £5 mysupermarket code so could be had for £5
Just got the last two boxes on display from Tesco so thanks for the tip off.
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