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Corsair CX650F fully modular 650w RGB PSU, Black - £48.48 @ Amazon

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Seems good value for a fully modular 650w Corsair RGB PSU.

Corsair CX650F RGB, 80 PLUS Bronze Fully Modular ATX Power Supply (80 PLUS Bronze Certified, 120 mm RGB Fan, Optimised for Low Noise, 105°C Japanese Capacitors, Compact 140 mm Long Casing) Black
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    Good price for what it is. Try and look for a gold over bronze rated though for a touch more.
    It is actually a decent unit minus the Bronze rating though. I agree Gold is usually not a lot more.
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    I think this is the same unit. reviewed quite well here:

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    A good price but always go for more power than you need. This leaves you headroom for upgrading. A good psu will last years. Most pc bods will want to upgrade their pc. More power will be needed.
    For future proofing, go for more than 650.
    Yeah this is really true. I’ve just gone from a Corsair 550W to an 850W for that very reason. CPU & GPU even for midrange are gaining so much more wattage than 5 years ago.
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    I got the gold 650 fully modular for £45 :P
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    Remember guys, if you paid for pretty lights, you can mount it fan side up. You'll be forgiven
    I have one of these, the PSU is fine but the RGB controller died on it, wasn’t worth pulling out just for this though. I imagine the fan isn’t visible for most users though the back exhaust might be.
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    Looking to get a PSU for my first build. RX 6800, 12400F. PCPartPicker comes to 490W estimate. Would this be ok for a PSU, leaving me with ~160W of headroom? According to the Cultists tier list it's a tier B PSU.
    Yeah it'll be fine
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    Cracking deal. The 550W version is £72! Ordered.

    Same price at eBuyer if you prefer to use them. (edited)
    The 550W were £40 a while back I think, but all these PSUs have gone up in price now.
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    Thx just ordered was looking for a psu and bronze or gold dont bother me it all does the same job
    It's a decent PSU and the power rating is roughly equal to the quality anyway (eg a Platinum unit is often going to have good quality components to reach that standard). This has a good warranty and is well-built anyway so you're fine, you only need to worry in the super-budget sub-£25 tier.
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    Bought, thank you!
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    I didn't need this until it was posted on hukd
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    Hope we see some discounts on the Tier A PSUs soon. Particularly 850w PSUs. (edited)
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    Can you turn the lights off completely?
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    Managed to get it for £41 due to the £7 first order pickup location promo.

    Cannot complain and a 5 year warranty is good.

    Would prefer a gold vs bronze for losses but at this price, it won’t cost me more than £40 for running it over its lifespan at all.
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    good deal. these are 45 at ebuyer. delivery charges so only works out better if ordering multiple
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