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Posted 4 December 2022

CORSAIR K60 RGB PRO Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard £34.99 with code + free click and collect (free delivery over £40) @ Currys

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This keyboard wastes no time. It only takes 1 mm of travel to actuate the Cherry MX Low Profile Speed switches – just what you need when every millisecond counts. With full N-key rollover and anti-ghosting, you can be sure that every click registers precisely. And the iCUE software lets you easily program each key into a layout worthy of your skills, including elaborate macros. Oh, and it looks super cool with its aluminium frame and dynamic RGB lighting.

Good to know

- Lock the Windows key to never accidentally interrupt your game
- iCUE lets you sync your keyboard RGB with the rest of your Corsair iCUE hardware for an impressive light show
- Keep your music, TV shows and backlighting in check with dedicated control keys
Currys More details at Currys

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Use code FNDDGAMING for £38.99 with free delivery, or £34.99 for collection.
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    Clack clack clack these things make no sense and I’m surprised that gamers around the world have been brainwashed into thinking that really loud keyboards are some how better when the whole idea is moronic
    Hard disagree, I love me some mechanical clackety clack
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    K60 RGB PRO: corsair.com/eu/…-NA

    K60 RGB PRO SE: corsair.com/us/…-NA

    Are you sure you're talking about the PRO (which uses MX low profile) and not the PRO SE (which uses Viola)?

    The post and product page clearly says PRO (non-SE)?
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    I bought this but I just realised this doesn't have a full sized enter key! Hopefully it wont annoy me too much...
    Hi, I got this and mine came with full size enter uk layout with the \ key next to the Z.
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    £38.99 and free delivery using code FNDDGAMING
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    It does come with cherry MX low profile RGB speed switches, & I don`t think it sounds like a membrane keyboard not ones I've used anyhow it sounds nice, it`s a good quality keyboard you won`t be disappointed, the image on currys web site is wrong it`s definitely UK layout.
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    Anyone know what the default backlight mode is, it if it'll stay with the one it's been set if moved to a different computer?

    I want to use it with Linux, so won't be able to run the Corsair software while using it.
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    Looks excellent for the price.

    Doesn't seem to have the extra / key next to the Z though, is it UK layout?
    It is the US layout on their images. Good spot.
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    OOS 😔
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  10. Avatar
    Usually from £69.99.


    I went to currys yesterday and I got impressed how silent it is. Unfortunately it was not available at store so I bought online.

    Not the brand and model I want but very cheap and not loud does not seem to be a mechanical keyboard.
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    Great keyboard, I’ve just picked up a spare at this price. Keep in mind it’s a low profile model, so the keys aren’t quite as ‘boxy’ as the standard sized ones, but it’s perfect for people who slide their keyboard under a monitor stand.
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    Great find OP (edited)
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    Nice one, looking for a new keyboard. Bargain with the code making it £34.99 collection.
    What code would that be?
  14. Avatar
    Ordered - thanks
  15. Avatar
    Showing in stock now
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    Urgh, i need a new keyboard but due to previous deals on here am currently using Logitech software... running Corsairs alongside it just to get lights working is going to be overkil isn't it?
    (i only want the lights on for working in reduced light rooms, not gaming stuff)
    I don’t think you need the software to keep the lights on. Check on YouTube.
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  18. Avatar
    Its noise ? 👀
  19. Avatar
    Oh damn
  20. Avatar
    Thanks ordered
  21. Avatar
    Looks like a nice keyboard. Thanks Op
  22. Avatar
    Confirmed UK layout with big enter key.

    Does not sound as mechanical keyboard. Sounds like membranes keyboard.
    Could you confirm it comes with MX LP Speed switches? (edited)
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    Would this be a good recommendation for an office environment? Is it ergonomic or should I stick to an Logitech mx keys? Thank You
    Are you asking if you should move to a £40 keyboard from a £100 keyboard. Only if rgb is a priority
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    Received mine today. It's a lovely keyboard to use and isn't loud at all. Very happy with it.
    Yep it's very quiet.

    I find it hard to type on though, I'm making a lot of mistakes. Hope I get used to it eventually
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    Just ordered it. Thanks! The days before it was OOS and now suddenly came back in stock.
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    This is showing at £59.99 for me
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