Corsair  K70 Lux Rapidfire Cherry MX (Red/Brown) £94.99 @ Amazon

Corsair K70 Lux Rapidfire Cherry MX (Red/Brown) £94.99 @ Amazon

Found 18th Jun 2017
If you are into the market for mechanical keyboard, this is one of the best keyboards ever made, at one of lowest price points it has even been.

It has brushed aluminum frame, and in stock in both the brown and red switches (the most popular types). For those not familiar with cherry mx switches, the red offers a more smooth transition when you press it, which the brown has a familiar click point. The force required is pretty much similar.

Also since I alread own one, I can say that it has a very easy to configure software and works perfectly with both windows 7 and 10.

Finally it also features usb passthrough for connecting extra devices.

Mechanical key boards are a niche market, but for those willing to invest in it, Corsair is making some of the best in the market.
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good find
Ooo thought it was RGB then lol, Good price still.
Available in Blue switch aswell at £94.99. Brown has got a few weeks on the dispatch time. It isn't Rapidfire however, as they use the MX Speed switches!
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Gone up to £109.99

Gone up to £109.99

Not if you're prepared to wait a while for delivery. It's still available from Amazon for that price; you just have to follow the '2 new from....' link.
Any difference between the K70 and the K70 Lux?
I have the original K70, but I think the Lux and Rapidfire are next gen models that forked out of the original. I suspect marketing needed something to differentiate between the two version. There are some bug-fixes and it is considered to have a better LED driver, and a different logo but neither of those are a deal breaker. The original is by far the best keyboard I have owned, and I have been playing with Logitech/Razer ones for years.
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