Corsair Memory HS1 USB Gaming Headset £50.99 @ Dabs + 4% quidco

Corsair Memory HS1 USB Gaming Headset £50.99 @ Dabs + 4% quidco

Found 12th Dec 2010
£15 off for first £100 customers (just released) Use code CORS835!

The circumaural, closed-back design offers the long-term playing comfort and immersive multi-channel audio that you demand as a gamer, with a unidirectional noise-canceling microphone that lets you be heard loud and clear, and audio controls that are easy to use without taking your head out of the game.

And because you can't design a great gaming headset without first building a superior pair of headphones, the HS1 uses massive 50mm drivers and carefully tuned acoustical design for pristine reproduction and no-compromises enjoyment of your favorite music and multi-channel movies.

The rugged, compact design with replaceable earpads complete the HS1's mission of not only being an audio weapon of choice for intense gaming sessions, but a well-loved piece of enthusiast gear that will meet all your audio needs.

Quidco = 2.03



Why the cold votes?


Why the cold votes?

prob cos you have no real hope of getting it at that price cos of the 'first 100' customer thing
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