Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard (MX Silent) £59.99 @ Game instore

Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard (MX Silent) £59.99 @ Game instore

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LocalFound 29th Oct 2016
Just been into Game at Cheshire Oaks and there was a display box with the corsair Strafe RGB keyboard half price at £59.99.

I picked one up and there were 3 left in the display behind the counter. Unsure if nationwide but even the cashier mentioned it was a steal.

Hopefully this will help someone out.
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bargain if you can find one
I have this keyboard. it's brilliant and at this price it's an absolute bargain
Looks like a mistake but going to pop into Game on the way home just encase
Two left in Pontypridd.
1 in game arndale Manchester, full price
Original link on website shows £160 but when you do store finder, the in store price is £59.99:…224
3 left in Great Yarmouth.
Thanks sgoudie.
excellent call, got 1 in hammersmith so it is national. The rapid fire is full price. The silent is 59.99. Might still be some in westfields shepherd's bush. But hammersmith is sold out.
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Just grabbed the last one in Leeds, thanks OP!
Decent picked one up from Farnborough they had a couple more.
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Just got one in Leicester
Got one in Edinburgh must be nationwide still a few in fort kinaird
Just grabbed one from Leeds Headrow - they've got one left.
Just bought one from white rose Leeds, amazing bargain!
Doncaster was out of stock (although online says 'low'!)

Doncaster was out of stock (although online says 'low'!)

Some staff usually sat out of stock on these deals just so they can buy them for themselves using their staff discounts. The Leicester guy I spoke to today was adamant they gone none, but I spoke to the manager and was adamant he prove they got none. Miraculously, he pulls one out from the back
Got this plugged in now, really happy with it - Thanks a lot OP!

Just grabbed one from Leeds Headrow - they've got one left.

LOL they told me the same, one guy said none left and another said only 1 left.

The staff discount comment above makes sense.
Anyone got any suggestions for a cover/protector for this keyboard?
I forgot to thank you for posting this OP, so thank you
Fuuuu Oo just ordered G610 from amazon...4hr ago I was checking HUD since yesterday looking for it and finally decide to just grab this logitech
Anyway, will try to get this one tomorrow morning... ;]
Thanks, will check my local
Mine's all connected too - thanks OP
Release the PCMR geese!
Still scanning at 59.99. don't know if there's any more in stock at Lincoln Cornhill
Just picked one up at Hereford Game £59.99 and so did the guy behind me. 1 left in stock I think.
Thanks OP
Just picked up the last one from the Bootle store. Cheers OP!
Just got one at Bexleyheath (£59.99). Not sure whether any stock left though. Very happy, cheers OP...
Got one Solihull store 1 left
picked one up at kinnard park Edinburgh, about an hour ago. not sure if there was any more. cheers op
Were all of your boxes sealed?? The one I just fetched the sealed were broken??
i hate in store deals
thanks Op got mine from Edgware, nice staff.
Just got 2 in Watford. Thanks a lot OP.
picked 2 up just now after reading post at west bromwich,cheers op!
Tried for Wood Green, London - apparently none left
Almost ordered a K70 last week, picked one up from Surrey Quays, Thanks OP!
Deal is still working. - written with Corsair Strafe RGB

3 left in Great Yarmouth. Thanks sgoudie.

Did you find out via the website link? As it's saying none left on that.
None at Preston Deepdale
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