Corsair VS Series ATX/EPS 80 PLUS Power Supply Unit, 550 W, £40.97 from Amazon

Corsair VS Series ATX/EPS 80 PLUS Power Supply Unit, 550 W, £40.97 from Amazon

Found 24th Oct 2017
  • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) with PF value of 0.99
  • AC input from 200~240VAV
  • High-quality capacitors provide uncompromised performance and reliability
  • ATX Connector:1, EPS Connector:1, Floppy Connector:2, Four Pin Peripheral Connector:4, PCIe Connector:2, SATA Connector:4
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ah, the Very Sh**ty range.
J/K...Oooh, £2.00 off, that will help with that £500 I'm a bit sore about the prices atm

But seriously, any help is help, thanks OP
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Why despite a huge number of people saying these psu s are trash are they still so popular. If you want Corsair then buy the decent range , these are terrible , just go to previous deals and you can see how many people have experience with these going faulty
i mean, they're not the best quality in the world, but if you over spec it and get a higher wattage than you need, i dont see it being a major issue.

i'm sure you can get a quality 500w for a similar price, however
Just in the name of balance, I have one of these in a daily workhorse machine in the office and it's never given me a minute's problems in the 18 months it's been in there and the fan is very quiet. Although I'm sure people have had problems with them, as it's one of the biggest selling PSUs in the world you're going to hear more bad things about this relative to an enthusiast 1200w titanium rated model or an equally cheap Non-brand PSU in the back of a pre-built machine because there is more of them out there to go wrong. It's not like every VS550 dies within a week of it being opened.
Heat added nothing wrong with one of these got a budget rig
As others have said, these are terrible - I bought one and it blew my motherboard within a year.

It's worth paying a bit more for the next range up.
Done some research on this since I last posted. There does seem to have been a appreciable drop in the quality of these since I bought mine In July 2016. I bought mine when they were rated at nearly 5* on Amazon and they've dropped almost a full star in ratings since then, with a litany of 1* reviews and complaints especially about the fan bearing noise and dying caps on the board, so I wonder if they manufactuing process has been altered somewhat for the worse; it does however look like a case of buyer beware on this current batch.
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